MODIFIKASI Honda Vario Matic Racing Style

MODIFIKASI Honda Vario Matic Racing Style

The hottest styles Modify Racing Look growing just from day to day. Not only the more innovative parts imbued legs are super innovative technologies such as disc in drum (BIB system) or hydraulic clutch.

Now reference style also helped develop as well. Not only fixed on the motor nickname typical country style Thai, the hypercrea now begin to look grim view Matic Racing Euro Look. Yup, in another European country there is really booming made matic style kayak gini dress.

Otomania'll often see in magazines that already a lot of peeling Otomodify. Main characterized by the position of the machine as matic stretch tire gambot low rider, but with a rim diameter size of a conventional matic.
Supported display style handlebar steering naked and crouched abis able to bring the figure of fierce and more innovative than the other made by adherents of this stream.

Here clay Vario and Beat HOCS Banjarmasin participants eligible to become a trendsetter in the midst of booming style Matic Racing Style modif. Blue Vario-inspired creative design crew Otre belongs Bayu Bagus Wijaya able to make Racing Style mania modif torn see results.

The hind legs stretch tire cool combined with high rear body position followed by reduction in a position to present the appearance of the front fork riseabis. Handlebar steering must appear naked in concert with disarmament footboard area to show off the framework and display machines have been shown delayed thanks to dazzled chrome rehearsal.

This style is also owned by Honda Beat Modif tailed Saiful Anwar. Cover body is stripped and the engine cover cover cover the framework that has been overwritten paint brush again in contrast with a bandage on the cover of the body. Tread the wheel so sure cool with prolonged engine position thanks to the retreat-retreat custom.

Views rise increasingly available thanks to a thinner seat design. With this change made by aja
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