MODIFIKASI Yamaha Mio ‘07

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Mio ‘07

Fadhil really understand the trend of racing style, doi not playing games and do not bear application. Supported also by modifiers that are gape affairs racing style. "It took 3 months to find a concept," said owner Budhienk Modified hermitage.

Budi, skipper Budhienk stripped Modified total body and carry the front cover of creatived Nouvo. "In order somewhat ducked the axis order komstir cut 5 cm," said Budi. Order to participate coaked seem alluring. Bodi stern hull is designed with an additional number ama trail bike.

In a modification, builder of Venus Customized it brought the concept of racing look. It is as against the current, while in East Java again fever modification drag force and low-rider look.

Although the renovation is done Budi on Yamaha Mio 2007 limited fashion, many racing ornament attached. Most notably, these two types of slick tire wear (without development).

Then the front suspension that dipermak models upside down so that it becomes longer and greater. Perhaps this skubek first rooster made in Sidoarjo. In fact, according to Budi, soknya it yourself using a variety of custom Mio. "Beneath still use a Mio, being on such a condom wrapped with 2 inch pipe. For chromed finishing it," he said.

Motor racing so close to the display, on the deck of the middle frame made stabilizer. ''Only limited to the display, baseball functions like in racing,''the light of Budi.

The back also overhauled. As monosok, have MX affixed to the Mio. Jok is a custom order to save the battery so that people think baseball is the battery.

But is not retro body alteration is interesting in this Syarifuddin Ivan Mio property. As we look to the wheels, rims display used by Ivan is very unique. "For children car, I was sort of crazy wear this compe Enkei rims," said Ivan

Opinion rada extreme but it does have a point. Because of this rim is one of the collectors item for the retro car community. Rare and classy.

"So when I cut off and a bit of their custom on shaking his head," added owner Hotrider shop on Jl. Greater Middle Reef, No. 15, Cinere, South Jakarta. Even many fans of the retro cars to protest what he had done this.

However, Ivan had a reason to do so. "Fino a classic body views and unique it must also be balanced with the right rim. If just the fingers were still used to it," added the man was 46 years.

According to him, the crossbar or the development of the rim is also rada round Fino very fit body which is also designed rounded or rounded earlier. "So there is harmony between body and wheels," added the man who also likes photography and design. Many people also call this rim with the rim starfruit because crossbar model earlier.

Originally rim has a width of 6 inches. "But, for the future must be reduced again in order to look more celong," added the father of 3 children. Because it is a reduction in the width of the palm of the front wheels by means dibubut so that now only 4 inches. As for the rear stick with its original width.

To put it kind of put Ivan spacer to stick the wheel bolts. "That we make use of aluminum thickness of 2 cm attached to the original drum," he said.

In order to create the look of the motor in accordance with the concept, hollow cover model constrained CVT (add more) I'll look excited. Budi this bold step has a great risk when used for daily. Because the CVT should be free of dust, oil, and water. But, once again, Budi want to show the handiwork of net Mio. Hence, many parts are chromed.

Rear axle was also forced into retreat. "But, for to pursue the effects of low rider and machine can be set so that the position of center with the body," beber man who did a lot of extreme modification in this workshop. Pullback is not too far away, there's only the addition of approximately 8 cm.

The legs Budi these creations can be alternative to stimulate the hypercrea by putting forward the following quasi front drum rear processed turner. "If sokbekern kufriskan front drum models are cross-owned Jupie that design Trusty model," said a former high school alumnus in Sidoarjo.

Racing style is more attached to the color and so the results cool smooth and evenly, before the body coated with epoxy paint brands Autolux. Next carried white paint Galaxy's next theme motif Castrol. Chand

Spec modif
Sok DPN: custom,, Sok BLKG: YSS nitro, DPN calipers: Brembo, disc DPN: Kitaco, drum DPN: Trusty, rim: DBS, BAN: Dragblaster, Vizard DPN: Nouvo, COVER DPN: Mio, modifier: Modified Budhienk Budi , Tenggulunan, Prohibition, Sidoarjo. Phone 085730700001 / 031 77333301.