MODIFIKASI Honda Vario Ala Skuter Besar Jepang

MODIFIKASI Honda Vario Ala Skuter Besar Jepang

Views modifications to the Honda Vario from Denpasar, Bali, very thick wing low rider scooter combined with the large Japanese style. The retreat was not abysmal responsibility, "It has been more than two meters since retreat process done twice," said Made Ambhara of home modifications M1.

The first retreat touched on the chassis, precisely under the deck. Additionally using the iron box and follow the framework of the original size. Prose begins by cutting the iron frame and then connected the box 65 cm in length. After the new installation of retreat-retreat with the same concept as does the modifier.

"But, there are differences in construction," said Made. For that part, he uses existing sokbreker customed back and made horizontal position, so that functions like a retreat-retreat earlier. Length, clear Made of 20s cm.

With the rather backward, there should be adjustments to the body in a way to recreate. There are some parts still maintain the characteristics of a vario. Though the front lamps replaced with CBS Techno, but still Vario. Who's following the model's tail lights are still the same.

What about suspension? To the front is made rigid in order to avoid rupture due sokbreker front body who can play. It is very likely due to the inherent fiber bopdi now have a very heavy weight. "Well, if spotty with sepatbor certainly collide. It is inevitable," he explained.

While the back is made sokbreker can play. Here he uses four units that have been customed shock absorbers. So, although already quite extreme, but still recognizable original Vario.