With more sporty appearance of the Z750 models, Kawasaki presents the latest model of the motor road warrior in version R. New brakes and suspension systems a mainstay Kawasaki Z750 R.

Frame new framework has been revised. And a 41 mm fork upside down and a new suspension that can be arranged hardness becomes an important key change in this R version.

Bottom-Link Uni-Trak with Piggyback reservoir to the rear wheels with new aluminum swing arm is pinned to answer the criticism prior to the suspension of poor quality.

Not to mention, features a radial mount four-piston caliper Nissin alerts become standard on the latest naked bike from Kawasaki Z750 R, with ABS as an option for consumers who want.

Still the same engine, with body weight 230 kg, its 750 cc engine can produce power reached 104 Bhp and a torque reached 57.5 lb-ft and fuel tank capacity reached 18.5 liters.

As reported by Motorcycle News, Thursday (16.09.2010) this newest Kawasaki streetfighter price with an estimated price of 7250 pounds, or around Rp 102 million.