SPESIFIKASI Aprilia Dorsoduro 2010 | Meluncur Bulan Oktober 2010

SPESIFIKASI Aprilia Dorsoduro 2010 | Meluncur Bulan Oktober 2010

Italian sport bike manufacturer, Aprilia released the latest big supermoto type bike Dorsoduro 1200 will soon be launched in October 2010.

Motor Show will be launched in Cologne has a more handsome and fresh when compared with the previous Dorsoduro.

Besides looking sinister, a manufacturer incorporated in the Piaggio Group will also be equipped with machinery that is no less daunting. With the V-twin engine with a capacity of 1200 cc, Aprilia Dorsoduro is certain to captivate the hearts of the fans.

Because of the engine 90 degrees, the Dorsoduro capable of removing the power to 130 bhp at 8700 rpm rotation with 85 lb-ft of torque at 7200 rpm.

Globally is not a lot of physical changes that occur in this Aprilia Dorsoduro. Retained the basic shape and only a few parts of the course that experienced few changes. The framework which was originally colored black is now given a touch of red color on the front, start at the bottom of the tank down to the steering shaft. Although not a business that is too heavy but is quite effective steps to make this bike so it looks interesting. In addition, some parts are also replaced with carbon fiber material while the design remains the same as the previous version.

Aggressive! The impression was indeed inevitable. Since the standard version was a full design applied Aprilia sharp angle on this bike already offers an aggressive impression and the impression it was getting so strong at this Factory version. There are some pretty interesting part of this motor design. For example, the front mudguard designed separated into two parts or swingarm designed split into two.

Mono shock clearly has an unusual but so unusual that the position of the rear suspension is not right in the middle but on the right with horizontal position almost parallel to the swingarm position. Exhaust gas must pass through winding roads before they can be released into the atmosphere since the end of the exhaust gas line is located right at the end of the back, flank the rear lights of this motor.

In the kitchen runway, V-Twin engine capacity of 750cc were deemed to be adequate as energy supplies. No modifications of any kind. This machine is still producing power by 92 horsepower engine on lap 8.750rpm, exactly the same as the standard version. Maximum torque is generated also remain the same, 82Nm at engine speed 4.500rpm. Power still flows to the rear wheels using a chain after a gearbox with six-gear acceleration with the exact same gear ratio with the standard version.

Vehicle Type: Naked Bike
Engine: Aprilia V90 Four stroke longitudinal 90 ° V twin
Displacement: 749.9 cc
Power: 92 HP @ 8750 rpm
Torque: 82 Nm @ 4500 rpm
Transmission: 6 speeds
Final drive: Chain
Frame: Steel Trellis
Length: 2216 mm
Width: 905 mm
Height: 1185 mm
Seat height: 870 mm
Wheelbase: 1505 mm
Weight: 185 kg
Fuel tank capacity: 12 lt

And to be safe riding a powerful motorcycle, then Aprilia embed security features Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) and Aprilia Traction Control (ATC) is picked from the Aprilia RSV4.

The presence of an Aprilia Dorsoduro even this seems to be warming to the Aprilia that reportedly will launch a new bike naked bike with V4 engine powered to 1,800 bhp and is expected to become the motor gasket powerful naked bike in the world.