SPESIFIKASI Yamaha New Scorpio | Meluncur Pekan Depan

SPESIFIKASI Yamaha New Scorpio | Meluncur Pekan Depan

Yamaha will launch Scorpio with a new look (facelift) in Ancol, North Jakarta, early next week. Furthermore, Yamaha sport bike will be tested with a touring mini from Malang, East Java, to the region of Mount Bromo. Other information, this activity was also followed by his youngest brother, Byson.

Plan the launch of the new Scorpio has been leaking since early July when pictures emerged on the internet. The changes are very obvious is the tank with a larger size plus a shroud like the Honda Tiger. Other changes, the main lights (front and back), side of motors, exhaust, lights sein, and sepatbor rear.

Machine no change. Likewise, the chassis, the same as the old one, including design and rim size 18 inch, front disc brakes, and drum (rear).

"Patience, patience. New Scorpio introduced to the market this October. The launch will be led directly to the media Mr. Dyon," said Paul Suranto, General Manager of Sales Marketing and Motorsport PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI), to Kompas.com, today. Also there is no price information.

Views distinguished cool with nan sporty futuristic design looks to be arch-rivals Honda New megapro even Tiger Revo. There is a change of view which is quite striking when compared with the previous scorpio series. See, design a larger tank is added to the shroud as in Tigi revolutionary. Not to mention the New Yamaha Scorpio comes with a facelift, lights sein, exhaust, rear fender, and the motor side who looked so charming but still grim. Only the engine, frame, wheels, and rear drum brakes cangkram and who did not experience reforms.

With the specification in such a way seems lure New Yamaha Scorpio be the hearts of the bikers. The good news again, according to Paul Suranto General Manager of sales at PT. YMKI if there is no obstruction of the new scorpion was right in launching in early October with Yamaha Bison same later. Regarding the price, authorized dealer that still count them and there is no clear information. But the leak a few parties this moge prices will be released at 23 millions.

YMKI not want to open a formal specification concerning sound of this New Yamaha Scorpio. But will certainly seen many changes compared to previous generations of Scorpio.

"If you look at the previous Scorpio changes are indeed significant," explained Head PR & Corporate Communication YMKI Indra Dwi Sunda when contacted Legal, Friday (17/09/2010). But Indra shut up when it touched the side of any changes that were presented to the New Scorpio YMKI this.

The presence of the latest generation Scorpio is already terendus by lovers of motor sport tuning fork bearing it since the middle of this year. A number of camera shots amateur photo also managed to capture the appearance of motor sport's most high-caste of this Yamaha.

Several parties expressed this brand-new Scorpio adopt the design of the Yamaha Fazer 250 models of 2011 in India. The equation can be seen from the form of a large tank than the old Scorpio. In addition, the side body design, exhaust, until the stern is also changing. The shape is more sporty and tapered.

As for the legs and the engine is predicted to adopt the previous Scorpio design. YMKI mentioned remain at home with 4-stroke SOHC engine water cooled 223 cc. For its legs are also still using 18-inch rims that are similar to the previous Scorpio.

Price Affairs also no leaks. But with only a change in body design, the most likely tag of New Yamaha Scorpio will not be too far adrift than the previous generation. It is also associated with Yamaha starategi who want to dominate the market for motor sport in the country through three new products at once.