SPESIFIKASI Gunbus 410 | Motor Terbesar di Dunia Dilego Rp2,2 Miliar

SPESIFIKASI Gunbus 410 | Motor Terbesar di Dunia Dilego Rp2,2 Miliar

Gunbus 410 Once the motor is called. As the name implies, it turns out Gunbus is the world's largest motorcycle.

Want proof? Motor built by Leonhardt Manufacturing company has a 3.44 meters long. Compare the length of the motor in general the average in the range of 1 meter - 2 meter.

As for the engine using the kitchen runway capacity of 410 cubic inch V-Twin is capable of producing a power of 350 HP with torque to 523 Nm. Similar to the power of a sports car instead?!

When you have enough power to control the motors of this jumbo, it could penetrate up to speed 250 km / hour. Thus quoted from Motorcycle.com, Friday (17/09/2010).

That power was due to Clemens Leonhardt as a company founder who was adopted from the stuffing machine Boeing 746 jet specially made in Germany. Engine of that size combined with the front tire size 38 inches x 11 inches and the rear tires 42 x 15 inches inic.

In mathematics, the use of all parts of the all giant would make Gunbus 410 has a weight of two times the V-Twin engine vehicles or four times as much weight Harley Twin Cam.

Prototype 410 Gunbus prime time to the world public debut in early 2008. And fun, if you're interested, Leonhardt who is the creator of strange vehicles off to the public at a price 190 000 Euros, or approximately Rp2.2 billion.