SPESIFIKASI Yamaha Scorpio | Generasi Terbaru | Muncul Pekan Depan

SPESIFIKASI Yamaha Scorpio | Generasi Terbaru | Muncul Pekan Depan

Not even one month to introduce Byson, PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) will likely spawn a new sport bike again next week.

Yes, what else if not a Yamaha Scorpio. Considering now YMKI as motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha has three heroes of motor sport, V-Ixion, Byson, and Scorpio.

For V-Ixion has undergone minor changes (facelift) earlier this year, then last month followed by the presence of Byson. So the untapped overhaul of YMKI not nothing but the Yamaha Scorpio.

"21 September next week we will introduce to the media what the new Scorpio," explained PR & Corporate Communication Head YMKI Indra Dwi Sunda when contacted Legal, Friday (09/17/2010).

According to him, Scorpio is worth the time to experience the changes. "As long as it's most just replace the striping, well now quite significant changes," he said.

Shown with fresh faces, especially on the main lights (headlight) with a hood and systems that adopt the style moge multireflektor Yamaha FZ8. Fuel tanks are also larger and equipped with fins (shroud) with a lid that is designed motor sport-style blends.

Another change visible on the stern, from the rear lights (tail light) and a more sporty exhaust and panel indicators, such as tachometers and a new speedometer.

New Design Concept Yamaha Scorpio Z 2010-

The design concept adopted from Yamaha and Yamaha MT1 FZ8, especially on the front, with a design which is now ditudung headlamp and adding the cover of the tank, so it looks fuller.

Not to mention the stern which is now pointed, like Yamaha Byson, and handlenya unconventional design, making Yamaha Scorpio is much more sporty.

Body design that change from the front to the rear, equipped with new striping graphic motifs that reinforce the segment of the new Scorpio, as a touring bike that rely on performance.

Yamaha offers three color options for sport touring motorcycles new Scorpio-Z, namely Red, Black and Putih.Namun, New Scorpio Z machine is not experiencing a change from the previous model. Yamaha continue to rely on engine 223 cc 4-stroke SOHC helpless aircooler 18.2 PS at 8000 rpm with peak torque up to 1.72 kgm at 6500 rpm.

Engine Type New Yamaha Scorpio Z: 4 Step, 2 Valve SOHC, Air Cooled
New Yamaha Scorpio Cylinder Volume z: 223 cm
Compression Ratio New Yamaha Scorpio Z: 9.50: 1
Power Max New Yamaha Scorpio Z: 13.4 kW@8.000 r / min (18.2 PS@8.000 r / min)
Max Torque New Yamaha Scorpio Z: 17.5 Nm@6.500 r / min (1.78 kgf-m @ 6500 r / min)
New Yamaha Scorpio Lubrication System z: Wet
New Yamaha Engine Oil Scorpio z: Total: 1.4 Liter / Replacement Periodical: 1.2 Liter
Carburetors New Yamaha Scorpio z: (Mikuni) BS30 x 1
New Yamaha Scorpio Z Transmission: 5 Speed (1-N-2-3-4-5)
New Scorpio Clutch Yamaha z: Wet, manual clutch, Multiplat
New Yamaha Scorpio Starter System z: Electric Starter and Kick Starter
New Yamaha Scorpio z dimension: 2025 mm x 765 mm x 1095 mm
Seat Height New Yamaha Scorpio Z: 770 mm
Distance Between Wheels New Yamaha Scorpio Z: 1295 mm
Distance to Land New Yamaha Scorpio Z: 165 mm
Tank Capacity New Yamaha Scorpio Z: 13 Liter
Fill Weight New Yamaha Scorpio z: 141 kg

But he refused to divulge further details on the specifications of the latest generation Yamaha Scorpio is any price that would be pegged YMKI. "Just wait for later," chortled.

Some sources say, most gress Yamaha Scorpio is going to adopting the design of the Yamaha Fazer 250 2011 model that exists in India.

The difference compared to the previous Scorpio in the design of the headlights that are no longer round, the design of a large tank, and the body side and stoplamp that looks more sporty.

While there has been no leak to the engine if YMKI innards will also remodel this brand-new Scorpio. But clearly the legs will be designed more sturdy like Byson