MODIFIKASI Brammo Empulse | Motor Listrik Invasi 30 Negara

MODIFIKASI Brammo Empulse | Motor Listrik Invasi 30 Negara
If during this competition in the electric vehicle industry is only loud sounds on four wheels, two wheels were now slowly started an open fight in this new segment.

Brammo is a manufacturer of electric motors which involved heating the battles in this electric-powered iron horse.

The plan, Brammo will soon begin their expansion plans to invade the market with 30 countries on 4 continents in the world with Brammo Empulse.

Electric motor that carries the motor sport model looks handsome and clean. And although this is an electric-powered motor, do not joke about his ability.

Because Oregon's motor home were able to run up to speeds of 160 km per hour with jelahan region up to 160 km only in a single charge.

Moreover intention Brammo expansion into the global automotive market is getting stronger after they do work together with companies in the world's largest electronics manufacturers, Flextronics.

For the record, Flextronics is a Singapore-based companies that are believed to produce for Microsoft's Zune and Xbox 360, digital cameras for Kodak, printers for Hewlett-Packard, mobile phones for Motorola, Blackberry for RIM, mobile phones for Sony-Ericsson, computers for Lenovo, components for Apple Computer and now an electric motor to Brammo.

"Brammo still control the design, engineer and specify everything in the motor," said CEO Craig Brammo Bramscher like detikOto quotes from Hell for Leather, Friday (17/09/2010).

"Vendor to motorcycle components will not change. We will not suddenly change the brakes with brake cheap from China," he added.