Indeed Yamaha V-Max has got the look cool. But if that is still not satisfied then the Yamaha provides the latest accessories for the Vmax.

These accessories are available for the V-Max devirate 2009-2010. All of which could certainly make it a tuning fork mounts symbol increasingly cool.

"The parts are paired with accessories of course V-Max will make you look more wow!" Topspeed call, Tuesday (09/21/2010).

First, remove the rim of the V-Max is old and replace with Wide Wheel V-Max. Designed more broadly, the new rim is available in one package, including bearings, seals, o-ring, collar, screw, and the valve stem.

Next to the more impressive "wild" then can select accessories curtain chrome air intake cover. Do not miss all chrome exhaust pipe is selected so that there are accents sparkle on these motors.

When was stiincreasingly V-Max. And of course this tool can be more functional.