SPESIFIKASI Can Am Spyder Kini Dilengkapi Suspensi Udara

SPESIFIKASI Can Am Spyder Kini Dilengkapi Suspensi Udara

List of motor air suspension system users grew older. After Suzuki Hayabusa is now the turn Can Am Spyder is equipped with these types of suspension.KW suspension of three wheels allows the motor to set the height according to the needs of motorists. Suspension heights range up to 30 mm.

Powertrain Like the Spyder, which it is based off, the RT uses a liquid-cooled 998cc V-Twin engine that you perhaps may have experienced aboard the Aprilia RSV1000R or Aprilia Tuono 1000R motorcycle. It was selected for a number of reasons, one of which is that it’s built by BRP’s sister company, Rotax. The engine features a compact 60-degree cylinder cant, 97 x 68mm bore/stroke dimensions, a 12.2: 1 compression ratio, and 4-valve DOHC equipped cylinder heads. Both its fuel and ignition maps were specifically calibrated for the rigors of the RT and a ride-by-wire throttle control system (in which the engine and the throttle are linked electronically as opposed to a conventional mechanical set-up), completes the package.

Two transmission systems are available (both of which feature reverse), the standard being a manual 5-speed controlled via a shift lever near the rider’s left foot and a left-hand operated hydraulic clutch. An optional semi-automatic gearbox does away with the clutch lever and moves the gear change process to the handlebar. Power is transferred to the 15-inch rear wheel via maintenance-free belt final drive.

Chassis The engine is mounted behind the front wheels in the center of the machine inside Can-Am’s proprietary Surrounding Spar Technology (SST) frame. Constructed from steel, the Y-shaped frame extends back to a steel double-sided swingarm located underneath its 6.6-gallon fuel cell. Suspension is comprised of an automotive-derived double-A arm set-up with an integrated roll-bar.

An electronically controlled power steering system is also fitted and provides variable assist. Front damping is courtesy of twin gas-charged shock absorbers, while a solo hydraulic shock absorber is used rearward. The suspension offers 5.67-inches of travel at each end. The Audio and Convenience package as well as the RT-S model offer 5-way preload adjustment via a push of a button.

It rolls on a pair of 14x5-inch aluminum wheels up front and a 15x7-inch aluminum rim out back all shod in Kenda rubber (165/65R14 front, 225/50R15 rear). Braking duties are handled by three rotors measuring 250mm in diameter and 6mm thick, controlled by twin 4-piston calipers up front and a single-piston caliper out back. The entire system is linked together hydraulically with electronic anti-lock system (ABS) and is actuated via a right-hand side foot lever. It also features an electronically activated parking brake.

Electronics In addition to ABS, the Spyder employs a high-end and fully integrated VSS. Individual wheel speed sensors provide system with real-time speed data and help mitigate the chance of the rider losing control during acceleration, turning and braking. When system detects an abnormal wheel speed parameter it first reduces engine power, and if that isn’t sufficient, it will apply the brake to any or all off the three wheels until the speed value returns within range.

The system is always on whenever the ignition switch is turned on, and, unlike most cars it cannot be manually disabled. A full-color instrument display situated between the analog-style speedometer and tachometer provides the rider with information including speed, time, temperature, and trip info, as well as system malfunction alerts. Additionally, the rider can also set language, time, and unit of measurement preferences. Audiophiles will rejoice as the Spyder also includes an AM/FM/XM/WB/CB radio as well as an intercom feature that allows the rider and passenger to communicate. An iPod adapter is also available.

All of its features can be accessed via a 4-button pad on the left-hand side of the handlebar. Further electronic creature comforts in the form of heated rider and passenger hand grips, cruise control and an up/down adjustment of the windscreen are also standard. Last of all, it comes with a Garmin Zumo GPS mounting adapter on the center of the handlebar.

When at least it gives a chance at a height of gravity center of the motor can be lowered so that the effect on driving stability is improved. Not only that motor performance was so very aesthetically more cool because docked with asphalt.

"The center of gravity is high, especially on vehicles such as ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) sometimes make the motor when bend be losing traction," wrote the press release as quoted from KW Automotive Autoevolution, Tuesday (09/21/2010).

Hence the suspension experts at trying to mix components KW coilover suspensions for the Can Am Spyder to the more comfortable driving.

Suspension is available in packages that include shock absorbers and also the Velcro fastener and fits with six different sizes.