MODIFIKASI Honda RS 125 | Motor 2 Tak yang Mampu Lari Secepat Mobil Sport

MODIFIKASI Honda RS 125 | Motor 2 Tak yang Mampu Lari Secepat Mobil Sport

Honda RS125 motorcycle was brilliant, imagine a machine with a capacity equivalent to a best-selling motorcycle in the homeland, but can run fast sports car as fast as the latest output.

Honda RS 125 has a new speed record at Bonneville Salt Flats by achieving an average speed of 146.77 mph (236.20 km / h). Motorcycle with a power of 41 bhp was abducted by a man named Scott Kolb. 27-year-old man has become the fastest on the Bub Speed trials this year, as reported by Autoevolution, Tuesday (09/21/2010)

Kolb actually already reached a speed of 126 mph (203rd km / h), but she was not satisfied and immediately apply some new bodywork more streamlined and made some changes on the geometry of a bicycle.

Motor that creates a record in the desert salt Bonneville, Utah, USA when ridden by Scott Kolb is actually already had touched 202 km per hour rate then increased to 219 km per hour before finally creating a record at 236.2 km per hour.

Before creating a record that speed, the motor alerts Kolb bring it to Martin in 1996 Eurosports to increase engine power from 36 bhp to 41 bhp. Not forgetting, Kolb designed a fairing that is able to cut off the wind and reduce the barriers until he could run faster.

However, proper preparation is done Kolb still remains a problem. Because when you're running 2-stroke motor is vibrating and making the nut and bolt to become less tight.

"So when I'm driving I heard a squeaky sound coming from the front wheel bearings and thinking problems. It's even harder when I got to 228.5 km per hour and I know with a little increase my teeth can get 6-8 miles per hour. But it turns out the screws loose and everything was fine and luckily I have not had an accident because the screw out until the suspension is, "said Kolb.

Use a custom frame made to be changed radically geometry geometry and uses 98-inch wheelbase that allows a balance between rider and machine as well as the two wheels. To achieve that, Scott had to modify the bike with some extra features.

He adds a long motorcycle more than 40-inch, and replace the radiator with non aerodynamic fairing and also radically efficient water to water cooling for maximum performance.

Martin Eurosports who built 1996 Honda RS 125 output, so that workers can produce 41 bhp.

Kolb has not been satisfied, however admitted, 'I hope to 155MPH speed if I have one more day of competition at the front!, "He said.