MODIFIKASI Honda Tiger 2006

MODIFIKASI Honda Tiger 2006

Views Benelli Due 756 is so tempting. Also synonymous with style streetfighter straightforward. Besides appearing male, would remain comfortably taken the road away. That's what makes Abdul Aziz attracted to apply in this Tiger. "Moreover, the owner of the motor is a military man, would he want the motor still looks dashing and also easy to walk a long way," said Mas Dul, her nickname.

Options Benelli 756 that is perceived fit with the tastes of the owner. Although the reference of a class of European moge there but none of the waste from the motor-engine game is a follow-up of stuck in motor sport 200 cc of this. Everything is full custom, typical home modifications that commanded A1 Modified Dul.

"The challenge is not using the waste was very interesting, so I try everything made itself," proud man who liked to keep this sideboards.

For example, for the front suspension. "Actually, many options of waste that can be applied upside down, but we try to make your own. profit created yourself this really could fitted size with the dimensions of the motor. So, so still looks fit and harmonious," she said.

It is often seen many modifications that impose use waste moge be strange because the size can not compensate. "If Tiger is all we measure so that no one looks awkward," the story of the father of two children.

For quasi-ahead earlier, the inside is still using the original Tiger. "Part of our custom exterior with tube pipe," said the man who once appeared on the rubric Profile Em-Plus as a hero custom sokbreker this.

As for the body is also full custom by relying on 0.9-mm plate. The part that looks really mimic the Benelli was there on a kind of deltabox and bottom of the seat color silver. "It is intended also as a water scoop or air entry point.

The air was certainly able to enter because of the center is given a hole covered with wire netting just fine. "The water scoop is exactly the same as the one on motor Benelli," added the owner of the shop on Jl. Diponegoro, No. 19, Magetan, East Java.

Meanwhile, to ensure comfort while riding before, Mas Dul tank design that is fit for clamped. "The new gasoline containers we made in addition to prioritizing the model, which would foot the jockey can still comfortably clamp tank. With so riding became more comfortable and secure," cuap this short-haired man.

Is it like a Benelli? It seems like only approaching!


Front tire: 110/70-17 Swallow
Rear tire: 130/60-17 Swallow
Rims: SprintSwing-arm: Custom
A1 Modified: 0812-3408-435