Each 1 April, many people prepared to accept April Fool. It is customary to give a surprise to someone and the victim should not be complaining or angry. So also at the sight of this modification in Mio. It was really surprising because it is present in the new style with the perfect finishing plus rich detail and innovation.

"The project is 6 months should certainly be different and could surprise all readers Em-Plus," sure Diemaz Erland, skipper Diemaz Motor (DM), the creator of this phenomenal work.

To view this Diemaz British stream name the chopper style. Doi dare to name it after browsing the flow of the world on the internet. "Although this skubek, we make esktrem with form like that," he continued.

The entire frame is regenerated by using a variety of tubular pipe sizes. The largest diameter of 3 inches.

Finished to form the frame, just deh start Diemas mess with a very nicely detailed. For example, the form of a tiny tank that fits with the dimension Mio. "To use a small bottle of gasoline indicator stuck on the left side of the tank. The volume shows the existing conditions in the tank," said shop owner from Jl. Steel Kingdom, No. 89, Perumnas II, this Tangerang

Meanwhile the rear suspension customed by using waste per leaf in the car. "And then chromed to look neat and clean," said the father of two children.

Another unique thing is the starter system. "Using a car Carry and the way he plays is a kind of teeth that are placed in front of the tank," added Diemaz.

Blend chameleon purple and gold are also appropriate. Managed to create a memorable motor that extreme but still elegant and luxurious.

When viewing the first and not pay attention to detail had doubts whether this motor can work perfectly or not. Because it seems there is no exhaust that sticks in the back. Cook wear baseball motorcycle exhaust?

"Ha .. ha ... indeed many are curious, because now again trying to make a new virus that is muffler 2 in 1," the story of the many supported Diemaz Orchid Wahidin of this motor.

Investigate a calibaration, see doi combine sepatbor exhaust and rear. "So after the neck has been channeled into the body sepatbor, the model is quite small and thin holes," said a rich man odd these ideas.

There is also another new breakthrough. Namely, making a battery, kiprok and CDI in a plastic jar painted with the body and placed at the bottom frame. Boljug alias may also nih!


Front tire: 110/90-16 KBF
Rear tire: 125/80-14 Bridgestone
Front rim: Da Xing 2.50x16
Rear rim: Custom 6x14 inches
Cat: De Beers
DM: 0856-1400-800