SPESIFIKASI Motor Zerotracer | Motor Listrik Berkecepatan 250 Km/Jam

SPESIFIKASI Motor Zerotracer | Motor Listrik Berke

If during this well-known efficient electric vehicles but does not have the ability and speed of a qualified, it seems you must see this crazy electric motor.

Because electric motors called Zerotracer who successfully designed by a group of engineers from Winterthur, Switzerland was able to quickly sped up to speeds of 250 km / h and 350 km of roads can be crossed in just one battery charge alone.

Whereas previously named Zerotracer is a motor that carries MonoTracer four-cylinder engine from BMW. But in the spirit go green, the engine was removed and replaced with battery-powered electric motor that provides power to 183 hp.

With that much power, Zerotracer which has a net weight (without passengers) of 80 kg was also able to accelerate from rest to 100 km / h in just 4.5 seconds.

Remarkably again, the battery-powered 400 V can be carried Zerotracer fully proved in just two hours. and when I'm in a hurry, this motorcycle battery can be quickly filled up to 80 percent in less than 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, for passengers, two passengers with Zerotracer protect the body wrapped in kevlar material and glass front of a clear plexiglass material and strong.

Currently Zerotracer'm joining a contest called Zero Emissions Race, which requires its participants around the world in 80 days without throwing emissions. Now with all the capabilities it possesses, Zerotracer believed capable of winning a contest that will end up in Geneva, Switzerland on August 15, 2010.