SPESIFIKASI Fazer 250 | Penerus Scorpio

SPESIFIKASI Fazer 250 | Penerus Scorpio

Yamaha reportedly were preparing a new motor as a successor to the motor Scorpio. If there are no obstacles, plan a sports motorcycle new will be launched later this year.

"I do not know when for sure, but definitely this year's model," said one of the most trusted source of PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia, Yamaha's sole agent in Indonesia, to detikOto, Thursday (09/07/2010).

Yamaha Fazer 250 is rumored to be a variant of motor sport that will soon replace Scorpio Z.

The source also admitted that Yamaha Fazer 250 in the middle of the road test the ground water. "We do not want promises. If there are products on the street is well able to assume alone. If it had tested it usually results how," said the source.

The reason for the release of the new motor for assessing Yamaha Scorpio Yamaha model should be replaced. Yamaha Scorpio was eight years old does not change the model. "I think it should change the model, the model is already old," he said.

Regarding his brother namely Byson Yamaha, Yamaha can not ensure whether the company called Bison Yamaha Fazer 250 or first released in two-wheel automotive market. "If anybody who my first baseball knows, just wait deh," the lid.