MODIFIKASI HONDA NEW BeAT 2010 | Fun Active Cross Tracker

MODIFIKASI HONDA NEW BeAT 2010 | Fun Active Cross Tracker

Astra Honda Motor alias AHM MODIF serious play. Yes, here the proof! Just look at Honda's New BEAT AHM have this. Yes, MODIF the plan appears when launching the New BEAT this, men really impressive masculine aliases!

Despite launching was held void, MOTOR Plus it still presents the results MODIF to mate! Just in Em-Plus, lo! New BEAT concept was adopted, based on off-road vehicle whose story is ready invited to explore nature.

"The concept that we provide is a FACT. Namely, Fun, Active and Cross Tracker. So, this MODIF be followed by those who like adventure," said Djalu Pratomo, Product Research AHM is a pilot project of this modification.

feel not kidding, my friend could see the results of serious concern to the BEAT that AHM had fenders aka BEAT sepatbor higher than the previous version. Now, there is no framework under which a liaison between the chassis and engine front rake.

"Instead, we made re-frame with steel pipe. Chassis is, similar to underbone. But certainly more robust," definitely Djalu. The more stable again, the middle chassis was made to the side of the body extends to the side. This has underscored the impression strong.

Strong impression of the application, we show the front legs are already upside down. Although not full to the triangle on the kinds of sports variants, but the impression thats fine also represented through the shock absorbers of this variation.

The role of self-back, made a la monosock. Yes, wearing a steel plate, bottom mounting shock absorbers that are in the crankcase. "On top, the cradle is made from the same plate and located in the trunk," added the man was a thin mustache.

Figures for 2002 are embedded in the body side, of course, have a special meaning! "This means that these two variants of the Honda after Vario. Then, also the second variant of the Modified BEAT type," said Djalu.


because have a manufacturer's complete lack of taste if you do not know directly about the reasons MODIF BEAT duo have this AHM. So, Em-Plus directly ask for comments Julius Aslan, Marketing Director of AHM.

"Beat an automatic Honda scooter with the concept of hanging out and economical. Two units of this modification we make to provide proof that Honda BEAT easily adapted to any modification of the concept. In that modification, we remain concerned elements of safety and comfort. In addition, of course BEAT is the most economical and automatic scooter features the most complete security in its class. We hope the two units of this modification can provide inspiration for lovers of BEAT in modifying his beloved bike. "


Front tire: 2.50-17
Rear tire: 90/100-14
Handlebar: Fat Bar Uno
Gas spontaneously: KTC
Exhaust: Custom