MODIFIKASI YAMAHA MIO 2005 | Modal Penghangat

MODIFIKASI YAMAHA MIO 2005 | Modal Penghangat

Because the virus is too low rider has mushroomed in Magelang, Bowo Saputro then try to find something new. "Is understandable if only withdraw capital has much to follow. So I added an audio system in the Mio, the" open Bowo about changes in his Yamaha Mio is.

As king M2C (Magelang Mio Community), Bowo want to please their friends. "If another collector in the plaza there seems to be less if only to chat. Why should the music as a heated atmosphere," he explained about the reason for the installation of devices in skubek it sounds.

Because actually pursuing a sound, and the path component selection is also addressed. For example, for a good sound, he uses two power. One power for the subwoofer and one for mid. "With the power these two, the sound quality that comes out to be better than an imposed one," a man who also do business it said .
For the subwoofer, use of the Quad Audio monoblock model. While for the mid and tweeter using four-channel Oxygen. It is to placement will take place quite broad. But it would have been reckoned.

"Everything is laid on the deck. Construction is strong with buildsed secured to the framework and using a fiberglass outer layer," added the man was 29 years.

In part that's already looking very full. Because not only power, but also other sounds devices. For example just a subwoofer from JBL 10-inch size. Dimensions producing bass voice was quite large. more again was coupled with two units of the mid and two tweeters fruit. "Indeed, if riding becomes a bit heavy and the steering wheel to position the foot a little disturbed," he admitted honestly.

But, once again on behalf of drived yes hobby and pleasure only. Actually, no audio though this bike is enough to make splashy Magelang. Custom low rider because that is done not in vain. Not just backward but the body has also been revamped.

Rear wheels are made backward 17.5 cm compared to the initial conditions. "Deliberately not too long because it made 5.5-inch wide rim has a safe retreat that much," continued the man who also receive electronic service in this city.

If you generally do much to change with the move tomorrow back to the middle, even to the right Bowo. "Because if it's too forced in the middle, the suspension was very hard. If on the edge like this,quite still quite comfortable," he added.

For component selection, he used Release monosock from Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC. Apparently not only make him pretentious MX smitten. "Head of a new lamp also have MX see use the same model fit the new front body," he explained laugh.

As a result of that, it is now the position of the lamp should be shifted downward. That's due to the use of naked handlebars.


Front rim: 3.5 x14 inches Custom
Front tire: 120/60-14 Blackstone
Rear rim: Custom, 5.5 x 14 inches
Rear tire: 140/60-14 Delitire
Handlebar: Renthal