MODIFIKASI Suzuki Thunder 250 2002

MODIFIKASI Suzuki Thunder 250 2002

At first glance this view indecent Suzuki Thunder 250 with Harley-Davidson XR750 ridden the dare devil Evel Kneivel. At that time spelled out the most extreme motorcycle XR because it can jump a dozen buses and even more spectacular acts which make the heart almost stopped.

For this Thunder, general appearance and color done by Mafid XR approached from aikon Custom Paint in the territory of Pamulang, Tangerang. Custom Pain aikon really love the graphics of popular sports in the year of 70-80. Greatness Mafid had been no doubt. Nuance scrambler elegant style can be maximized. Alloy graded red, pearl white flag and start a pretty sight.

Connected with other devices, input handlebars being targeted by slick brush pen. Surely attract attention and be an indicator who want to find details of the artist. Well, from this side only, it was delicious seed.

In the matter of affairs neatly, can be criticized. part alloy fitting curtain a bit 'tainted' with a less tidy style muffler. But, not Dad, Bro! Nothing is perfect right? No hard feeling ya!

The builder failed Katon recommendation. "This embrace of Vishnu's Motor Jap's scrambler style which is also so typical of this workshop. In order strong in a friendly baseball field tomorrow elevated, "it open.

To the front, still wearing the original Thunder pretentious but it was designed rather high. "Who's ass come back elevated about 4 cm," he explained.

Pursuing the impression trail, installed his tank Suzuki TZ Jumbo. Of course with slight modifications in the front sector. more cool, look cute and thin cushions made. "Some components are minimized. Sepatbor for example, the use of Yamaha DT in the back and scaled down again, "he explained.

To order, they are not much changed. Pursuing rear enough shades of retro cut and made stirrup and put lights behind the variations according to choice.

Model adoption footrests unusual model. In essence, yes need to be different with his motocross footrests. He .. he .. This would not normally flow modifier drived Jap's who usually do not apply these devices. "To suggest trail become more viscous," Katon said excitedly.

"What is clear this bike for daily rider just baseball. But it also can be used or taken for touring away. Understandably Mafid Vishnu and also join in the community who love touring trail.

For such purpose, of course, all things must be planned. For example the rather extravagant postures owner, need to be measured in order doi comfortable and safety when riding away, "she said Katon.


Front tire: Swallow 130-60/18
Rear tire: 180/60x17 Swallow
Front rim: 3 x 18 inches