MODIFIKASI Suzuki Thunder 250 | Paris Dakar Van Java

MODIFIKASI Suzuki Thunder 250 | Paris Dakar Van Java

From the looks, this bike adopt the commonly used model for malignant race, Paris-Dakar. Not a few tricks that must be done to modify the two-wheeled vehicle which is this Suzuki Thunder 250.

"For the body, it can be said to imitate the look of pure motor in the Paris-Dakar," said Susanto Gunawan of the Hot 909 that worked on the motor Matic. According to him, he uses the glass fiber material.

Strong identity of the motor conquerors of the Sahara Desert, Africa have a large tank on the design and also work to bring some equipment, including GPS.

Recognized by Gunawan, the tank is only changed by the system of condoms, including the body. Now, with a swollen body, inevitably suspension was made 5 cm taller, both front and rear. The front of make adapter that is inserted into the tube shock absorbers. "This way I had always done community trail here (Bandung)," said the builder.

The rear shock absorbers are treated differently. The process of customizing done on the damper rod. Incidentally, he got a ring on the shock absorbers 5 cm longer than the original.

If you want hang out more powerful, should have front and rear shock absorbers that are used are large, including arm swinging. However, this is the Paris-Dakar Van Java.