SPESIFIKASI Honda Revo Techno AT | Fitur Revo Matik

SPESIFIKASI Honda Revo Techno AT | Fitur Revo Matik

Honda Revo AT Techno been sliding. But what kind of motor features a new Honda released the price of USD $ 15.8 million it? Let's find out together. Features of this bike course was at the kitchen spur where 110 cc engine that carried AT Revo Techno has brought the technology Continuous Variable Automatic CV alias-matic which ultimately makes this bike as a motorcycle automatic transmit first in Indonesia.

"This is the most special in this bike because this is what makes Revo AT Techno matic duck into a new genre in Indonesia," said Chief Engineer of Honda R & D for the Southeast Asian region Mitsuo Tamamura in Jakarta.

With this technology, Honda also became a leader with a combination of agility and comfort of a motorcycle motor automatic.besides transmit it, Techno AT Revo engine was unique because it also spelled out a double cooling system adopt the CVT and air conditioning for cooling oil in the engine room with the same like a motorcycle engine.

This system is effective to reduce the heat in the engine so the engine temperature remains stable, especially during traffic jams and long trips. The position of holes for air cooling facing upwards thus reducing the risk of entry of water into the engine if the flood struck.

Not only that, AT Techno Revo engine as well as any other Honda motorcycle technology has also brought the EFT (Efficient & Low Friction Technology) which serves to minimize friction between engine components.

And most of all, AT Techno Revo also been equipped with new technology Fuel Injection system with the addition of a third generation catalytic converter and O2 sensor.

This is quite surprising because the estimates for this Honda will only bring Revo AT Techno garnish carburetor system.

"This is our commitment to the environment," said President Director AHM Yusuke Hori.

Finish up there? Apparently not. Honda Revo For AT Techno did not like the other ducks and duck can be regarded as the feature-rich motor because it brings features previously only on the motor start from a standard Honda matic automatic side (side stand switch) that makes the machine can not be switched on when the standard addition down.not yetlonger in a position lock brake lever on the left side under the driver's left hand, easily accessible as well as automatic ignition magnet useful for reducing the risk of theft.

While the appearance of the Honda Revo AT Techno appear with a futuristic design in the presence of multi-reflector lamps make lighting more leverage.

Especially in the face of the reflector design is also chime in nicely with a side body which has a sharp curve. It stretched along the curve of the body Revo AT Techno and fused with the rear looks modern and functional.

"We prepare Revo AT Techno Techno ie in three colors Black, Red and the Techno Techno Violet," said Marketing Director Julius Aslan.Dan AHM finally, with a myriad of advantages that deserve AT Revo Techno recognized as distinct from motorcycle motors that circulate now. This is certainly a challenge for all parties. Because if not shake AT Revo Techno, competitors would have to make an automatic motorcycle sophisticated and rich in features such as AT Revo Techno.

In terms of appearance, Honda Revo AT & futuristic look with character designs that are equipped with multi-reflector lamps make lighting more leverage. The panel meter indicators are also designed so that the backlight lamp modern with easy to read. On the front side of the rear body and fins are there to suggest an aerodynamic body.

Design of the rear looks modern and functional equipped with lights sein that integrates with the rear lights and exhaust with heat shield design that looks modern and dynamic.

Price Honda Revo Techno AT: 15.8 Mt in Jakarta OTR

Honda Specifications Techno Revo AT:

Engine type: 4 stroke, SOHC
Cooling System: Air Cooling
Diameter x measures: 50 x 55.6 mm
Volume measures: 109.1 cc
Comparison of compression: 9.0: 1
Maximum Power: 7.68 PS / 8000 rpm
Maximum Torque: 0.81 kgf.m / 5000 rpm
Clutch: Automatic Centrifugal, wet type
Starter: Pedal and electric
Spark plugs: ND U20EPR9S, NGK CPR6EA-9s