SPESIFIKASI Honda Revo Techno A/T

SPESIFIKASI Honda Revo Techno A/T

After a long awaited, finally matic comes first duck to Indonesia. And the PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) finished first with Honda Techno Revo A / T it. Not only the people who are curious about the presence of this new motor, also curious. Although never a chance try in Thailand some time ago was still curious about the form of a duck matic Indonesian version.

Inside the engine room, bearing the brand manufacturers are applying technology wing flapping efficient and low-friction technology called EFT. Function, minimize the friction antarkomponen machine. As a result, the machine work more optimally, efficiently, and most importantly fuel-efficient.

The key contained in the use of piston-textured (rough surface pistons) is made from lightweight materials. This will alleviate the performance of the engine. Rough surfaces can reduce friction between piston and cylinder space. End, more economical fuel consumption.

Furthermore, the distance axis of the cylinder or cylinder set off against the axis of the crankshaft offset too close together. This condition also reduces the friction that occurs in the piston. The existence of technology or the trigger valve rocker arm is equipped with a roller also reduce friction with the shaft ridge or better known as the camshaft is in the process of ejection of fuel into the combustion chamber. Friction is the minimal make in energy efficiency.

For the stability of engine performance, Honda is also implementing a double cooling system. First, the cooling air to the CVT is obtained from the air funnel. Second, cooling the engine room which was performed with oil. Reduction of heat in the engine is much more effective to keep temperatures stable, particularly on road traffic jams and long trips so it is more durable and long lasting.

The position of the air funnel located above the surface of the machine functions to manage the entry-exit of air in the engine. In addition to cooling the engine, a position it also reduces the risk of entry of water into the engine. This is to maintain maximum engine performance.

"All are equipped with Honda's technology at AT Revo Techno strongly supports the creation of a strong performance, but still economical. That's strengths," said Oni Setiawan Technical Service PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM), who is also Chief Technician Journey Smart Revolution.

Obviously there are different versions of Indonesian Thai version, and it was true. If in Thailand, called the Wave 110i motor is only used AT rim radius, in Indonesia changed using bolt rim. By finishing painting and pasting any emblem looks more elegant.

Transition From Duck To skutik

Apart from the business of design and the exact same machine with the Thai version, apparently AHM matik intend to make a duck a duck as a transition for users who want to switch to skutik. AHM can be seen steps that remain include Techno Revo A / T into the group of ducks.

"We expect this to be a solution for those who are loyal to the type of duck but want the ease of operation like skutik," open Julius Aslan, Marketing Director of AHM. Not surprisingly, the completeness of the manual operation is still like a duck. "For example, the placement of the front brake on the handlebar, but remained at the foot of the rear brake, the manual exactly the same as a duck," continued the man was friendly. Moreover, a pattern similar to that used Honda cars. In one model there are two choices of transmissions, there are manual and automatic.

Consumers are still loyal to the duck or who feel their needs are met with a duck, it would be easier to adapt to this automatic duck. This is very different with Yamaha, the manufacturer of a duck named Yamaha Lexam matik are much closer to skutik. Where all the brake lever is in the hands and feet as wide as skutik footing.

Duck flagship 110cc Honda

AHM also confident to make Indonesia's first automatic duck as a duck flagship 110cc. In the cub 110cc, Honda had a Revo with a rim radius, rim Revo and Revo DX crossbar. The most luxurious new Techno Revo A / T this. Really looks like a car? Automatic variant which gives a chance definitely the most expensive. Techno Revo A / T was sold USD 15.8 million, on the road worthy Jakarta.price technology. There is what aja? To be sure, Revo Techno A / T is a duck wearing the Honda's first 110cc fuel injection atomizer PGM-Fi. "Equivalent level ie PCX Honda PGM-Fi to the third generation, and of course" said Hariko Handy, deputy GM AHM technical service.

Seen from the addition of 02 sensor and IACV sensor. Thus in terms of fuel efficiency can be more efficient, low emissions, but pull the motor can remain responsive and smooth. Even AHM claimed fuel consumption in constant conditions can reach 50 km more to one liter of gasoline.

Any unique features. Among others, the rear brake lever that functions like a handbrake on the car. Kick starter motor is located on the left riders like skutik loh. We turn on the motor using the kick starter, one brake must be pressed first. If not, the machine will not live because of the brake circuit breaker ignition system fitted to the consideration safety.medium base engine has bore x stroke it like this Revo or Blade 110 (50.0 x 55.6 mm). However, the transmission system is very different from a duck. When the ducks using the gear, then at the Techno Revo A / T system replaced contiuous matic variable (CV-Matic) kayaking in skutik. Consists of pulleys, belt, roller and centrifugal clutch mounted in the engine.