SPESIFIKASI Ducati 848 Evo | Penggila Kecepatan

SPESIFIKASI Ducati 848 Evo | Penggila Kecepatan

Italian manufacturer of sports motorcycles, Ducati introduces the new replacement motor Ducati 848 EVO they call 848. Amazingly, this is a motor bike SupersPort new most powerful ever produced.

No half-hearted, the power of 140 hp in the round of 10 500 rpm and 72.3 lb-ft of torque at 9750 rpm and stored these ferocious motor to scare his opponents.

Moreover Ducati 848 EVO is also applying the cylinder head, cams and new pistons. Ducati 848 EVO else also has a higher compression engine with large muffler.

Motor power of the Testastretta Evoluzione engine wear is even greater than the performance that can be made by BMW S1000RR which has a larger engine capacity.

Ducati also offer a better braking system and offers a single arm suspension better than previous versions.

And do not want to wait a long time, this motor also plans to soon enter Indonesia.

PT SuperMoto Indonesia plans to become Ducati motor car manufacturers in Indonesia will soon enter full-fairing sport bike is at the end of this year 2010.

"We will end EVO 848 entries this year. Probably in the range of November or December," said President Director of PT Indonesian SuperMoto USA to detikOto Nugroho, Thursday (22/07/2010).

Nugroho believe this bike would be very interested by the enthusiast speed in Indonesia. For Ducati 848 EVO claimed class is a most powerful motorcycle ever produced.

Ducati 848 EVO it does have the power of 140 hp in the round of 10 500 rpm and 72.3 lb-ft of torque at 9750 rpm the Testastretta Evoluzione engine is obtained from the arms.

Outside there is rewarded with a tag of the motor starting from U.S. $ 12,995 to U.S. $ 13,995 or approximately USD 117.54 to USD 126.58 million. But as we know, the taxes that exist in Indonesia will make those prices jumped dramatically.

"Up here at the price of Rp 395 million. But clearly the price that will keep us safe side. We also do not want the price of this bike through the USD 400 million," he asserted.