Jap's Style definitely synonymous with simple and minimalist in order to look good used equipment. But the owner Hendra Suzuki Thunder 125 is even more minimalist want to look better longer. Obviously, forcan realize it all, Hendra must often or diligently browsing on the Internet.

In progress, assisted by Ajay Hendra, a club colleague at TIC or Thunder Innovative Community Cirebon. The first step taken cut rear body. Ration taxable stern trim about 25 cm. "But the cuts still needed more precision. Sure to keep compatible titled. It is also to set the driving position to fit and fit my posture, "said Oinx, Hendra cordial greeting.

Sector legs so the next stage in their plots. Selected wide rim with 130/70-17 and 160/70-17 Size tires. Because the theme of Jap's Style minimalist, quasi front still rely on the original. Just behind the original double ass replaced using monosockowned Suzuki Satria 120. Obviously also been combined swing arm Ajay creations.

MODIF Jap's Style identical to the body which is simple and minimalist. For that tank takes from the CB100 smaller dimensions. From here starts to look clear viscous characteristics Jap's Style. Especially in the sector with the implementation of a blue tank. Also do not forget to blend the sunrise picture is none other that is characteristic of the Japanese flag.

Headlights are also following the adoption of Sein CB100 front and back. "The tank is also fitted with lights so that a major theme modifications," said Hendra Ajay.


Front tire: Tire Delli
Rear tire: Battlax
Speedometer: Suzuki A100
Jok: CB100 Custom
Exhaust: Nobi