MODIFIKASI Suzuki Skydrive 2010

MODIFIKASI Suzuki Skydrive 2010

Reason to alter this SkyDrive just simple , "want different and so MODIF SkyDrive pioneer in Indonesia. Because I rarely see in ototrend MODIF SkyDrive, "said Nelta.

Nelta not own, a beautiful girl Polwan members of this Manado Police's specialist who took Budi MODIF matic low rider style. Owner padepokan Tapeli Manado swiftly overhaul matic high-powered figure was 125 cc.

SkyDrive seem appealing after the body count is formatted Aussi flag motif Danagloss paint. It appears designed to lure racing seat holder with leather wrapped with a cream and blue colors. "In harmony with the body color," says Nelta.

"If the matter back easily, because the live play retreat retreat just so baseball tire or got stuck," says this bespectacled man again. For this SkyDrive rear axle back 15 cm compared to the original.

When you wish to install the rim width of 4 inches in front before a number of problems Chuenk block. "Having to test a few times the size of the triangle because it is always stuck with the body," added this man was fertile.

Finally, after a series of trials held, can measure the right triangle. "Its size is 2 cm wide to the left and 2 cm to the right than the standard," continued this bachelor. Oh yes, despite that the motor is still without sepatbor front because if it is installed is still stuck.

Material used 20 mm thick iron plate. "This new triangle is likely to be produced for those users who want to rim width SkyDrive," he added. The idea was still limited to the plan because it has not been realized.

For business steering, also performs the changes on the handlebars. "The model is simple with a straight trunk slightly bent," cuap residents Cirendeu, Ciputat, Tangerang this. The size of the iron rod used is diamater 3 / 4 inches.

In this section also have an idea odd still using standard speedometer but modified spido by removing the cover. So that the needle pointer speed was only closed
mica nodes only.

The legs seemed fine after the front of the pointed disc and rear disc brake apply rim PSM Avanza. "For me tromol pairs of former CW SkyDrive rim with a rim that connected nuts bolts system Avanza innate," whispered Budi.

Appear to stretch to the back after the swing arm extended 11 cm below sustained sokbeker MX Jupie property. Finally, the handlebar mounted Z-bar-style models maticers Bandung. Want to Dunk whistle Polwan slang and lovely.

DPN disk: PSM, SOK BLKG: MX, SWING ARM: custom, BAN: Swallow 110/70-14, 160/70-14, steering: custom, AIR FILTER: kyoso, modifier: Tapeli Galway, Tel. 0852561281251.