SPESIFIKASI Brammo Empulse | Motor Listrik

SPESIFIKASI Brammo Empulse | Motor Listrik

If our assumptions for these electric motorcycles speeding apparently can not take it wrong. Electric motorcycle can also speeding like using a gasoline engine. Brammo Empulse Like this one.

Maybe you do not think if the motorcycle is the most powerful electric motorcycle. Because like devirated Popsci, Friday (16/07/2010), Brammo Empulse can penetrate 160 km / hr. Wow.

Machine is very grim but still environmentally friendly. Brammo Empulse have power by 55 hp with torque reaching 59 Nm, or equivalent with Suzuki motorcycle engine with a capacity of 650 cc. With that ability, Brammo Empulse be categorized as a sport bike.

However, remember once again if Brammo Empulse environmentally friendly motors. It was the most'll enjoy by the garnish.

Views Brammo Empulse itself an electric motor with nakedbike style. As information, this motorcycle for the first time using technology Brammo Brammo Power Power battery pack and vehicle management system. Resistance is claimed to be strong enough.

There are three options battery, the first 6 kwh with the distance 60 miles or 97 km at a price equivalent to U.S. $ 9.995, or approximately USD 91 million, 8 kwh distance traveled 80 miles (129 km) at a price of U.S. $ 11.995 or approximately USD 110 million, and 10 kwh that can roam up to 100 miles (160 km) of U.S. $ 13.995 USD 128 million. The three models that can penetrate 160 km / hr.

Manufacturers plan to sell Brammo Empulse fastest in the United States next year. The reason is a constraint to prepare battery also environmentally friendly and durable