MODIFIKASI Kawasaki Ninja RR 2008

MODIFIKASI Kawasaki Ninja RR 2008

Great pride for Arno-Ardi duo "Twins Fiber Planets" Batu, Malang, who recently completed a successful inaugural MODIF works from overseas. Precisely from Timor-Leste a Ninja RR outdate entrusted the owner, Helder Mendes from Delta 1 Comoro Dili Timor Leste, for faced off stylish custom R-1.
"basic contour frame construction has a sporty, so there is no need to spin again," open the Arno which immediately reconstruct arm swing. Gives a chance got an extended swing arm 5 cm so that the body can compensate cool design.

Doi known only to recreate the swing arm of the pipe material Wrap box then let me re-dimensionally enlarged fiber and sporty look. Body design matters, as usual stance Kijang Krista lighting applications so that balanced goaled decorator work re fairing fairing side widened the hole with water flow additive almu cribriform.

Behind it, a parcel of gas tanks made of fiber involved displacing the gas tank fitted with a supplement orsi add 3D body. Meanwhile, the tail body is also designed seater levels with stern wrapped fiber.

Looks attractive, tail body suffered violence staked flanking a pair of mufflers oval LED stop light. Coloring Problem, Helder Mendes appears plain soap, "Must gaily dressed with bright primary colors plus green ninja who imbued sharp graphics," said Public Servant Machners Treasury Treasury is satisfied with the current Ninja Ninja Crocodile nickname this. | Tito

Rim: Sprint, BAN: Swallow-Metzeler, Stang: Handmade, Fork: USD Variations, exhaust: Ardaz, BRUSHER: by Keygen Robbil, TOTAL: Rp.13 Jt, chrome: RJM, modifier: Twins Fiber Planets Jl.Diponegoro Gg. Argopuro 29 Stone by Arno-Ardi Twins (08,563,576,002, 085649642070,087859780555)

Kawasaki Ninja RR Modifications Spec Details:

Bike Model: Kawasaki Ninja RR
Chassis: KRR150
Engine: 1878 Super Kips Engine
Suspension: OEM (fr), Ohlins (rr)
Brakes: Nissin GSX 750 with NSR RR rotor(fr), OEM (rr)
Wheels: Enkei Racing 17x1.85 (fr), 17x3.00(rr)

Tyres: Bridgestone Battlax BT090 100/70 (fr), 120/70(rr)
Fuel: AVGAS (race), Pertamax Plus (daily)
Oil: Shell Racing-X (2T), Conoco 10-40W (Engine), Motul DOT 5.1 (brakes)

Internal Engine Mods:
OEM piston and ring, port & polish, cylinder sleeves, Boyesen 755 reed valve

External Engine Mods:
CMS racing exhaust system, Keihin PWK racing carburetor (open air), Daytona racing throttle cable, Daytona front master cylinder brake system, GPR braided brake lines, Ferodo racing brake pads

OEM gearbox and clutch, Daytona racing clutch cable

OEM Lime Green colour, half naked fairing, Yoshimura racing steps, Nova Dash side blinkers