PT Minerva Motor Indonesia (MMI) as a producer and marketer of Minerva strengthens motor sports segment. Not one or two, they also launched a new variant cempat Migelli 250.

The four new products are Migelli 250SE, RE, ME, and RV. The fourth product is to complete three predecessors, namely Migelli 250R (sports), Migelli 250S (naked), and Migelli 250M (motard).

The main difference from older products exist in a liquid-cooled engine technology and a fan. 4 valve engine performance of their new motorcycles rose to 27 HP at 8500 rpm and torque of 22 Nm at 7000 rpm. The product is also equipped with six-speed manual transmission system of the roller rocker arm technology that reduces engine noise and friction.

"We're deliberately bringing a new variant to satisfy consumer desires. Throughout the year, special Migelli model, targeted sales reached 20,000 units," said Kristianto Goenadi, President of MMI, on the sidelines Migelli 250R Performance Riding experiance in Sentul Circuit, Bogor, Java West, today.

The four new variants Migelli dibanderol start from USD 28.1 million to USD 31.9 million per unit on the road of Jakarta. Offered the choice of colors yellow, red, black, and white.