Minerva has not been satisfied by providing new options to consumers in Indonesia. Having launched four variants Migelli 250 yesterday (06/03/2010), in the same month there were three new champ was waiting.

These three new motorcycles are adalan Fischer MRX 650, 170 GTR, and Pepe. Two introduced immediately at the Jakarta Fair event which began rolling in June of next week and another one beginning in 2011.

Fischer MRX 650
Fischer MRX 650 is the motorcycle brand of the United States (U.S.) who pointed to MMI as well pemasarnya assembler in Indonesia. Motor sports bergendre uses V-Twin engine owned by Hyosung 650 cc, powered 80PS@9.550 rpm.

"We will invite officials from Fischer, the United States to come in at the launch event PRJ later. They will explain the history of these motorcycles and finally pointed to MMI as a partner," said Kristianto Goenadi, President of MMI in Sentul, (03/06/2010).

Fischer MRX 650 imported in the form of loose (completely knoked-down) and assembled at the factory in Jonggol MMI, West Java. Reportedly the unit price will be reduced below Rp130 million per unit, effective Sept. marketed.

GTR 170 is the second mainstay product MMI automatic scooter to navigate the national motorcycle market. GTR 150 which complements its presence first in the PRJ released last year.

The difference, GTR170 125cc engine equipped with a sports character. While Pepe, also entered the segment skutik with the same engine capacity, 125cc with a retro look.

"For Pepe we introduce a new course, most of its release early next year. They cost in the range of Rp16 million per unit," added Kristianto.