Finally it disappeared curiosity. Because, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) officially launched its newest skubek. Yup, Honda Scoopy. From design to offer, skubek have an empty weight of 94 kg it has a retro look but modern style.

Try sitting on a seat which has a width dimension in the middle, it is comfortable. Likewise with the footrests on the deck. Quite freely. Because, skubek which have the lowest distance to the ground 150 mm has a fairly wide deck. Therefore, able to create freely foot rests.

The same thing applies when looking at the speedometer panel which had rounded dimensions in the handlebars. It seemed simple reading clockwise movement to determine the speed of travel. Moreover, the fuel meter indicator is also separate from the panel spido. Yes, as in motor-scoopy

Few imagined how it would feel to drive on the skubek apply safety features like Honda skubek an earlier slide. Features such as standard parking brake or side (side stand switch), which certainly was so comfortable when enabled.

Indeed, the point of being offered a slightly different handlebars with a Honda Beat. If BEAT bit more into the body of the rider, not too Scoopy. Perhaps, the angle difference is only about 1-2 ยบ only. But, this condition is still not make the drive disappear from the comfortable handling.

Not to mention the headlamp and stoplamp. Oval headlamp also comes dusk light. Stable, reflector impressed with the fancy blue mica that gives a special accent. Taillight was classified as a large, impressive share value of elegant design.

from 4761honda-side engines, Scoopy no different than Beat. So, arguably could substitute for each other viscera. "For indeed the same engine Honda Beat. So for the substitution part, it's possible, "said Mitsuo Tamamura, Honda R & D Southeast Asia Co.., Ltd..

So, talk to engine performance would not change that kind of beat. Kan spec bore and stroke are owned by the same, including the type VK22 Keihin carburetors that applied. So also with the power and torque. In fact, for power, there was a slight increase rather than Scoopy BEAT. If BEAT 8.22 PS / 8000 rpm, then spewed 8.28 Scoopy PS / 8000 rpm. Torque the two, the same. Ie, 0.85 kgf.m / 5550-scoopy rpm.

"But look at the biker character in Indonesia, with maximum torque of 0.85 kgf.m/5.500 rpm and maximum power of 8.22 PS/8.000 rpm is enough qualified. Can relax, too fast. Just do not disappoint, "said Andreas Suyitno Tedjosiswojo, General Ma-nager Tecnical AHM Division Head.

Though, ideally the kind of display mounts Scoopy more fitting when seen at the time not in slow-moving high-speed alias. So that the motor is mounted between the model and display the rider were both supporting her retronya style. He, he, he.

According to the new President Director of AHM, Yusuke Hori, skubek Scoopy is a prefix AHM in introducing new product. "Scoopy is one of ten of our latest type which will be launched later this year," definitely Hori.

Further differences between the Beat and Scoopy, see the next edition! Congratulations for AHM and please welcome for lovers skubek Honda.


Taste clear already! What Em-Plus gembar rant before PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) launching the Honda Scoopy. Fuel atomizer system is applied, Scoopy brings Keihin carburetor type VK22.

This is clearly different from Scoopy Thai version that has already slipped. Namely, Scoopy-i. Clearly, the frill at the back of this show if Scoopy-i has adopted the system of the type of fuel injection atomizer.

"Although Honda Scoopy no injection, we tetep meet emissions standards in Indonesia, which brought the Euro 2. Because carburettor supported some additional components such as CECS and Sass are already sufficient to meet the regulations. While in Thailand due to wear of injection Euro 3 emission standards, "said U.S. Tedjosiswojo, GM Technical Service Division AHM.

It seemed, there were no other differences besides the fuel system and the stripping of color choices is also applied between the Indonesian version with Scoopy Scoopy-i version of Thailand.

Because, from the impression of driving are offered both, are no different. Yup! Em-Plus was first jajal Scoopy-i. So, can you comment like that.

Thailand Scoppy the compression ratio of 9.5: 1 whereas Scoopy Indonesian version 9.2: 1. This means that engine power output capacity of 108 cc slinder it slightly larger than the Indonesian version Scoopy. But the real advantages that could be affected by the use of fuels with higher octane specifications used in that country.

However, Scoopy users in the country need not have worried. Because comparison komporesi 9.2: 1 was still quite accomplished with existing fuel quality in Indonesia such as Premuim.

Only if you want to be more power, Scoopy owners can also use Pertamax fuel or Pertamax Plus. Sure to be the result desired combustion cleaner and more perfect. So, do not be doubted even a little lower compression setup.