To attract the attention of visitors at PRJ, TVS did not just rely on these products had been marketed like Apache, Neo RockZ and X3i. Manufacturers of Indian origin that exhibit automatic scooter (skutik) Qube 2.0 cute eco-friendly.

Qube 2.0-tech hybrids. Thus, the power source gasoline engine and electric motor. Dapu own runway capacity of 87.8 cc single cylinder air-cooled four-stroke and SOHC. 5 dk strength at 6500 rpm rotation and 5.8 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm.

For electric motors, equipped type BLDC motor-powered hub that is able to generate 800 watts of torque 13 Nm. Motor power center uses lithium-ion battery 48V.

This motor has many advanced features, among others, intelegent start-stop, parallel hybrid system, and regenarative breaking. When walking, the driver can feel the choice of four modes, namely engines, EV, HEV, and Hybrid Power. But unfortunately there is no official information related to each mode of choice.

TVS-party claims, fuel consumption and emissions of carbon dioxide this bike lower 30 percent of normal motors. Qube 2.0 first appeared publicly at the event to the Indian Auto Expo-15, January 2010 ago.

"The presence of TVS Motor Qube 2.0 concept further enliven TVS Motor in PRJ booth this year," said Chief Operating Officer of PT TVS Motor Company Indonesia (TMCI), Darmady Tjuatja, recently.