Thinq cycles (TC), which during the MODIF Harley-Davidson (HD) tried to present the creations on skubek. Playing the flow of low rider but with a touch different than the modifier skubek general. Dimensions skubeknya Agnes Mo-tract was becoming very long.Creates a long and large, not by going to the Madame EROT. Withdraw life-departed but till 43 cm, it is definitely driven axle far enough. "Deliberately created so because they want all look fit if the long view," said Thinq who do have this unique name.

Moreover such a long distance of course also to make the rear wheels are free of friction to the body. Understandably, have reached 8 inches wide.

Tak only that, on the front also made a little change, so the bike look longer. Namely by making the front tomorrow so highly tilted compared to the standard. "It simply changes the position of only pursuing this view," continued the tall man this big.

This angle changes done during the making of a new triangle. "What a coincidence that the front rim width 4 inches need a new triangle, all of our ass holes for the side," added the owner of the shop on Jl. Skein of Badung, No. 98X, Denpasar this.

But of course the consequences of this treatment. "Swivel angle becomes greatly reduced, so that the risks for the sake of appearance," kekeh man who likes to use this cap.

While for the handlebar height is also made. That's because the adapted posture is indeed big Thinq. Handlebar height reached 60 cm. "This fits with the posture that more than 180 cm. If a short person, surely baseball comfortable or even do not want to take the bike with high handlebars like this," he explained honestly.


as Tear down departing from Harley-Davidson (HD), Thinq certainly still want to include elements of American motorcycles. Clearly visible from a few tricks and details that applied. For example to paint the cover of CVT.

Cat like this are not smooth but rugged and strong effect. "I deliberately use Wringkle paint that is often used to coat the HD machine," he said eagerly.

So also with the rear suspension. Doi sip seems to be more rigid system with alias without the pretentious. We only make the anchoring between the arm with the frame using stainless steel pipe sizes 2 inches, "continued the man who grew a beard this.

Meanwhile, for the cover body is still maintaining a high standard. There's only the addition of some stripping. Of course still the H-D style!


Front rim: Custom 4x14 inches
Front tire: 160/60-14 Swallow
Rear rim: Custom 8x14 inches
Rear tire: 160/60-14 Dunlop
Handlebar: Custom
Exhaust: Supertrap
Filter: Koso
Thinq cycles: (0361) 7495632