MODIFIKASI Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC 2008

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC 2008

year 2010 which bershio Siswo Winoto challenging Tiger for the contest are ready to be a mainstay virus. Builder from Win's Paddock (WP) Purwokerto creations that rely on alias Jupiter MX 135LC Komeng Duana property, one high school student from the town of Cilacap Oil. "The concept is given the scent of the European streetfighter. Resembling a monster red devil," cuap builder who opened outlets in Jl. Sunan Ampel, No. 1, Pabuaran, Puerto Rico this Purwokerto alias.

Winoto Siswo lay out the concept in question. Red devil of course related to the sensational form. His name is also vicious. The most obvious manifestation is made in the headlights that resemble the face of evil.

The basic concept of face is then adjusted on the overall body shape. Width of wing tank there is also a point. Because the theme is scary things, then the form it was made like a demon cobra ready to strike.

Not just any scary scary. Follow-up Wiwin who looks so scary, still highlight harmonization. The essence remains the basic modifications mefrik wing cool also stay connected with airscoop harmonious shape. "Let the more solid at the front, also adds a bit the impression that more cool Jupiter MX engine," explains this motorcycle maniac die cast.

This form is to make scent West Central Java Style (WJS) feels so thick.Sure with a single application cropped tail sitter so typical of WJS.

In addition, Wiwin also apply the concept of limited edition. This means that only make single print Wiwin when fame body.

"All forms printed from the board as a reference when making body. Not printed fiber as usual. So that forms the motor and not just one there'll be a twin," dark-skinned Wiwin believe this nigger rich.

Problem context, make their own Wiwin of 22 mm pipe to the new chassis construction rear.Yet adjusted so well functioning tank handle made of fiberglass material.


Front tire: 100/70x17 Swalow
Rear tire: 130/60x17 Swallow
Rim: Sprint
Sok back: Satria
Swing arm: Handmade
Win's Paddock: 0815-4888-6755