When this motor was first released, the Indonesian automotive community was shocked with the boldness made the motor issue newfangled outdate Honda, Honda Scoopy.

Because this bike is something totally new and fresh amid the flow of futuristic bikes and sporty flooding the Indonesian motorcycle market. No doubt people immediately lined up to buy this bike. As seen in the Jakarta Fair, the first day open PRJ, from Honda's sales reached 156 units, more than 80 percent of that is Scoopy.

Of the face, the impression of modern retro indeed been very strong radiated from this Honda's new skutik. It is not strange.

Because Honda Scoopy is designed with rounded body that makes such versatile motor output 1980s ago.

Round shape lamp head lamp combined with a well rounded Sein feels solid on the front. Design then worked with the stern who also rounded so that makes it look more plump than most motorcycles.

Now because of this exotic, detikOto even when you're surrounded by gas and when stopped at a red light.

But what about the sensation of driving? When the opportunity of this motorhome, detikoto Scoopy searching soon fight in the middle of the crowded traffic of Jakarta mercilessly.

The result, the first impression when riding a motorcycle that has the same platform with other Honda skutik BEAT ie it feels comfortable. BEAT a sporty aura has disappeared altogether replaced by a laid-back retro motorcycle.

Can not wait, detikOto immediately bring the Scoopy a walk through the jungle of Jakarta. And as we know, the streets of Jakarta is 'battleground' for the bikers who are very uncomfortable.

However, the Scoopy, it does not feel so, because the leg room seemed cramped in the middle of the deck as prevalent at BEAT is not there anymore.

It happened because Scoopy has a wider deck of the Beat, that comfort level rider would be higher.

For the convenience of this affair, there is a major concern in addition to Honda design. Because with his status as urban skutik, comfort Scoopy's very necessary to fight congestion which becomes the mortal enemy of the urban community.

Not only comfortable when sitting alone, was also proper handling Scoopy thumbs. Because even though plump, Scoopy was so expertly gyrating on congestion.

Moreover, soft suspension in the two legs were doing a great job reducing noise from the street Jakarta filled mines.

And most of all is the responsibility Scoopy is excellent. 110 cc engine similar to that used BEAT proved enough to fight cool asphalt streets.

Because in the run-down only, Scoopy already feels very unresponsive. That was even stronger when Scoopy middle and upper reaches round. Once Geber, Scoopy flawless instantly and easily reach 80-90 km / hr.

Now that cool again, it was pleasing to the eye and the body of a comfortable ride, Scoopy was apparently also economizes fuel consumption as well as other Honda motorcycles. Noted Scoopy able to walk up to 40 km only by drinking a liter of gasoline just aliases 1:40 km / liter.

Unfortunately there is one element that has not been retro Scoopy the horn! Scoopy horn still sounds the same as any other motor.

I wish Honda put a retro horn like a trumpet sound or the like, must complete already retro Scoopy flow.

But overall, with a fresh design in which the other motor car manufacturers rarely played, plus a high level of comfort and its fuel consumption is relatively efficient, Scoopy as inappropriate recommended for people who not only use the motor as a means of transportation, but also for style. The women were definitely enjoying this outdate motor.