SPESIFIKASI Kawasaki Ninja 400 R

SPESIFIKASI Kawasaki Ninja 400 R

Japanese motor manufacturers, Kawasaki seems to want to keep plugging away as a specialist motor sport in the world. Manufacturers are also identical to the green motor sport intend to launch their newest model of the Ninja 400.

The presence of this new model was fulfilled as the models that existed before the Ninja Ninja 250R, 500R, 650R, ZX-6R, ZX-10R and ZX-14.

Kawasaki Ninja 400R news of the birth itself is triggered by a Japanese auto magazine 'Young Machine'. The magazine is even boldly displays the image of motor that reportedly will be launched in the year 2011.

For the Ninja 400R, has been using liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, parallel twin-cylinder DOHC 4-valve. Motor claimed to have qualified personnel to round the bottom and middle.

Ninja 400R carrying capacity of 399 cc four-engine, liquid cooled, DOHC Parallel Twin Fuel Injection. This machine is capable of enyemburkan power to 43 PS at 9500 rpm and maximum torque of 37 Newton meters at 7500 rpm.

Meanwhile, Hellforleathermagazine mention, the presence of the Ninja 400R is a brand-new breakthrough from Kawasaki to bring the model with the machine that does not exist in the breed Ninja. The reason, sebuh magazine, Kawaski Ninja 250 is considered too small. While the Ninja 650 was too big.

"So the presence of the Ninja 400R is a middle way," he said.

Features embedded in the brand-new motor is also quite capable and reflect the character of sport, no less with the second brother. In the suspension system for example, Kawasaki uses telescopic fork devices on the front wheel and offset laydown single shock with adjustable preload on the rear wheels.

Sporty appearance is getting stronger thanks to the use of tire size 120/70ZR17 for the front wheels, and the size 160/60ZR17 at the rear. There are two color choices offered, green and black.

In addition been equipped with fuel injection system, this bike is also equipped with sub-throttle valve to optimize air intake. "With excellent throttle response and smoother engine performance, the motor will be easier to eat a variety of road conditions," wrote autoevolution on Wednesday (11/08/2010).

Meanwhile, her twin sister ER-4n have also used the same engine working system with the Ninja 400R. Included are also short silincer placed under the engine as well as Built-in three way catalyzer which allows the motor has carbon emissions standards in Japan.

For the instrument panel is selected using the LCD multi-function as designed sporty motor racing. This panel displays the speedometer, tachometer, odometer, fuel indicator, and the clock in digital form.

Unfortunately, the Kawasaki has not provided information when the two motor sport 399 cc will be marketed outside Japan, including Europe and Southeast Asia.

As quoted from the MotorcycleNews detikOto, Monday (06/28/2010) Kawasaki Ninja reportedly will feature a capacity of 400 cc engine in two models ie, models and sports a full fairing street fighter.

Still unknown new detailed specification of the motor is owned by Kawasaki. But it is estimated, 400 cc engine which is capable of being carried deep motor power up to 70 bhp