MODIFIKASI Honda GL-MAX 1983 | Khas Trail 70-an

MODIFIKASI Honda GL-MAX 1983 | Khas Trail 70-an
Two motor from Motor Sport Foundation hangout Adventure Trail Community (Track), Jakarta, directly down at the Em-plus. We story GL-MAX which is always yes.

Track understandable in the community, all of the loot is not only characterized by the Jap's Style but thick shades aka scrambler bike trail. "The owner Aziz Rahman hooked grasstrack . This bike used to be "abused" on the road frizzy, but now it would already have another bike built and more eye cathing, "go to Muhammad" Gil "Subhan, the Builder.

Jadul are subtle nuances in this bike. Affairs of such tanks rather stiff design of TW's 200 front jadul have sustained quasi-R XL derivative 1972. Then, back, Katon need to change again part of the rear chassis. sale usual, she cut off a little until the memorable meetings and regular use stirrup as motor traveled adherents understand Jap's Style.

XL input devices present again on the arm swing. "The reason is obvious, make it more classic tubular appearance. Again also a longer swing arm to be better ergonomics, "said the builder. Its usefulness is clear, this time the community was hooked Track touring. Save them, all the spoil of the modification must ridiable and ergonomics that fit.

There is something special about their loot. Harmonization between the components, the choice of color and detail categorized neatly.


Front tire: Battlax 120/60-17
Rear tire: Battlax 140/50-17
Sok rear: YSS
Exhaust: Custom