MODIFIKASI Yamaha Mio 2005

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Mio 2005

I actually lover smelling street performance modifications. But after I thought to carry away thinking what's wrong with me introduce my work through the tabloids Otre the boom will racing style modification. Finally I ventured o send a modification to the work of Otre.

After a long drag appear I love the world of ideas to create new pop-dr slashes 05 Mio standard setting body drag. Let alone already have a mount matic, Mio create an opportunity for me to create cute but the body drag mio

d mio especially unfortunate lover and her lover drag it to many students graduate sma widiadarma his poor showing special change made girls and boys to create new applications made mio-mio's you guys who have not trendy

kerapan looked sternly at the 17-inch rims applications baregion provil cute slim body getting us off even before the middle of the chassis in yellow paint decorated appear less cool added arya course does not get here

changed rear ass front and also uses standard oil cooler and exhaust chrome reinforce the impression of his drag bike lead arya said his graduate students in Malang sma widiadarma graduates in 2009 also joined forces d M2S poor community

performance Bodykit made more sporty and Fungky and airbrush touch of orange and yellow color is more attractive it is simple and cute especially in the mechanical Toni entrusted with her airbrush added. I am now more confident and not ashamed because the presence of the Mio cute

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