Motor that the motor snatcher got this nickname worthy of appreciation, respect for its adherence to follow market interest two not for almost 20 years. The emergence of the New RX-King with a face lift and a modern look, making the market more sporty two not sure if the motor sport 2 stroke, not going to be deleted.

This was reinforced after the fulfillment of spare parts stock RX-King, from body parts to in engine. Especially for the supply of the RX-King machine parts complete it, otre another judge. Otre and Cak Mad (seasoned mechanic Surabaya), certain engine parts were intentionally provided for RX dynasty, began RX-100, RX-Special, RZ-R and RX-Z.

But according to the changing times and travel RX-King fight in a sports market, ultimately compartmentalized RX-King now well established in the male segment. "The point that has been a family who did not sue the look but want a high performance motor," explained Cak Mad tuner easy already long Surabaya whose term is identical with the figure of the RX-King.

Also among the team of automotive already long drag and observers, the RX-King's death and no one is irreplaceable technology today. You could say the RX-King will still be maintained against metodhe new driving style and fashion and business. What causes it?
In the spirit of the RX-King prioritizes the engine's performance and appearance beside. As a result of motorists driving swiftly prosecuted every day in the metropolitan area, definitely RX-King replied, including engine performance enthusiasts.

Well whatever care and maintenance program needs to be done to make the RX-King when stepping on the age of 20 years? Just follow the narrative Cak Mad who had triumphed with the RX-King era, in 1990, when together with his large team Racing Mad Destroyer (MRD). pid

Care and MODIF Machine
General and absolute when subjected to wear, along with the typical RX-King engine that adheres to the short strokes or over square. Hence the dimension of piston RX-King has the highest measure of the size of the piston 2 is none other sports.

Of course to get off set style (leveling) up and down the piston itself. So here forbidden to play MODIF trim piston, with a view to pressing the efficiency of piston friction on the cylinder. As usual tuner drag motor.

After replacing the piston, clearance in the recommended daily consumption limited 0.03 mm - 0.04 mm for the new. "Clearence is intended, so that when the piston thrast new up part was not too much to receive the friction," explained Cak Mad applying this trick since the year 85.

As leaves crutch
Lubrication of bearings obtained by the RX-King as crutches only to the extent of bias obtained from the circulation of fresh gas, while rinsing step in the cylinder. This natural lubrication of mechanical processes that cause the received bearing lubrication with an unbalanced workload, although as crutches bearing sterile conditions from foreign objects.

So, the capacity of bearing lubricants are acceptable as crutches so addicted to the consumption of fresh gas flow is determined karbu. Article is at 50 thousand km, bearing crutches as the RX-King aka deviations often experienced problems of tolerance.
The voice accompanied clear on the engine when stationary, indications of irregularities that occurred on the bearing. These symptoms if allowed, will creep into the leaves as crutches precision. Because, round leaves as crutches will easily modification by dense secondary relationship of primary teeth.

"In addition to lowering the precision of magnetic rotation axis on the left side which often causes broken spy magnet. Article that, when the machines do arise clear sound check on the bearing as crutches, as soon as possible, "details Cak Mad.

Unmute mbenging
Her voice will be felt when worn path stationary conditions. This is due to the mistaken perception that has been entrenched in society. already finished engine oil in 2 stroke engines do not follow sports and culminate in durable combustion engine oil color, making consumers the owner of two no less a sports discipline in the engine oil replacement.

In fact, in terms of quality engine oil to be less good, because many grams of iron powder contained in the engine oil capacity was 650 cc. Until the cause of primary and secondary teeth easily eroded by the effects of a declining quality of engine oil.

Stang Piston
Combustion effects on the RX-King and the impact of the ported-ported on the RX-King, a cylinder block which has been semi-racing, the handlebar up and down the piston as intermediaries often suffered distortion tolerance piston clearance, both at the big end as well as its small end (pen piston ). Quite a dilemma for pertamax enthusiasts to get a perfect combustion quality, responsive to one side caseleration

One side of the beat of time off in the TMB piston so excessive as well. And this should not be criticized in terms of fuel consumption. Anticipation of another, can be done with diligent, industrious descaling cylinder in cylinder cop. To stabilize the compression ratio, in relation to the stability of the combustion chamber capacity.

Clutch house
As a central liaison crutch dc power from the engine to the gear ratios and wheel. Deviation caused more age factor, so the rubber in rubber Dumper home remembering secondary clutch and hardened teeth.

And cause sliding home speling secondary clutch and gear more. As a result when the conditions of life stationary engines, which tend to arise strange voice louder. To fix this, do the replacement rubber in the workshop lathe Dumper.

And part of this until now, there are still many available in the formal workshop. And there was no effect on consumption problems, is still able to produce normal acceleration. "But if the disease is left, the radius of the house used as a clutch brake clutch stoper will arise coakan easier. Therefore, the movement tends to hit the brake clutch, "said Cak Mad. pid

Owner secured less orderly in estimating the load is carried, so that the first, second and third points of the framework has suffered an aberration. Besides the effect of the front and back that ass function culminate in the acceptance of the uneven load on the frame.

Characteristic of a flashlight body is not easy to know the position of the rear wheels are not a flashlight (apart from the problem styling wheel), chamber-caster symptoms appear. To that must be taken to a specialist shop flashlight body.

Operation tank rust
There are growing rumors that the product tank at beginning of year 1993 until 1997, his tank plate material better, a thin but strong. But it remains unclear answers from the Yamaha.

"The first analogy that causes the tank RX-King made in it more durable, simply because fuel prices are still USD. 1500, so that in filling a full tank can not be a burden to their owners, "Cak Mad prediction.
Thus the cause of rust in the tank caused the RX-King more chemical factors, namely the emergence of water vapor when a vacancy occurs in half the space of the tank. This problem can be understood through the tank with the help of pebbles make dimension 8 mm x 8 mm. And then make it a habit to fill the tank with a full condition.

In addition, the RX-King tank problems are also often spread at drat hole faucet gasoline and this problem is common in other sports type motorcycles. Too often unloading gasoline plug valves, gas valves clearance drat so big and easy to cause the gasoline leak, although bolt-nut is tightened. pid