MODIFIKASI Yamaha Nouvo Z 2005

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Nouvo Z 2005

At first I with interested Sanex Hussar. Understandably mochin with seabrek matic innovation is the first that I know. Soon Yamaha Nouvo matic whose designs appear more gambot. From here the journey I with like matic.

Although at that time but I rarely MODIF like matic is more cool. Gently I touched his body painted like the cover to the older, white painted rims orsi plasticity so sweet until I tried to model steering trondol. But the impression of less perfect plasticity.

driver handlebars turn my change back after wear Renthal more viscous impression trail. Moreover, I added handpad. Rubber tires less cool orsi replace my wear Delly Tire size 110/90-16 and 90/90-16 front. Front rather dashing impression after I change the property TZM disk so that more and more grip.

Apparently the motor show can be seen SuperMoto style, so it fits with the scent of my little machine SuperMoto match.

I still use the fuel supply 28 is coupled circuitry Keihin exhaust Nobi. I used the Thunder piston so that made touring bikes let alone pursue a reckless do not think can not afford.