SPESIFIKASI Bajaj Pulsar 135LS

SPESIFIKASI Bajaj Pulsar 135LS
Arguably, is a bit different from the test ride the Em-Plus are offering now. Yes, test ride Bajaj Pulsar 135LS. All, originated from the many questions that go into the editor. What would happen if there is one spark plug who died in a sports variant of Hindustani origin of that?

This promotion is understandable 135LS Pulsar carries two spark plug technology. To make the process letikan fire in the combustion chamber. Yes, based on DTS-i technology (Digital Twin Spark-Ignition), which became trademarknya Bajaj Pulsar. Letikan these two spark plugs, arranged through digital roles CDI.

But, in order to focus and not widened, more directed tests conducted on fuel consumption. Obviously, if 135LS dikendari with two spark plugs aka normal conditions attached. Then, when one of the spark plugs are disabled functions.

Continue to test! With two spark plugs mounted alias normal engines, motorcycles are invited to run. Routes on offer, characterize urban traffic. Yup! Em-Plus sometimes trapped stop and go, even in traffic. So also with tracks that offer roll straight tracks. Not forgotten, the route climbs variations and derivatives.

In order to facilitate the calculation, the Em-Plus use a special fuel tube to replace standard fuel tank. Canister, filled with premium 200 cc. Once filled, the motor until the motor ran really strike because kahabisan gasoline-wheeler karburator.4635test-135ls-boyo2.jpg

Real conditions, the rate of no more than the number of motor 60 km / hr. Yes, that's the average speed in the city. Gearshift, conducted every needle rpm 5000 rpm on tap number digital speedometer 135LS.

With a 200 cc gasoline engine equipped with four valve technology is capable of running up to distance of 11.2 km. From the results obtained, it means Pulsar 135LS can be invited to a distance of 56 km for every one liter Premium ditenggaknya.

Done with tests in a normal engine, is now testing the engine continues to apply only one spark plug. To that end, the head of the existing spark plug on the right side cylinder head removed. Yes, there is no electricity begitunya are forwarded to the spark plugs until meletikkan fire in the combustion chamber.

Oh yes! According to the PT Bajaj Auto Indonesia (BAI), the main sparkplug Pulsar position in the left cylinder head. It was the right spark plugs, spark plug support for the creation of perfect combustion in the combustion chamber.

So, Em-Plus select the right spark to be released. In addition, the spark plug serves to hold snap in the middle to high rotation. Substitute fuel return tube filled with Premium. Of course with the same volume as the first test. Yep! 200 cc.

4636test-bajaj-135ls-boyo3.jpgDengan driving force equal to the initial tests, a sport which has a spec engine SOHC (single overhead camshaft) is again invited to run. Gas grip aperture is done by massaging. Indirect origin bejek! Grip any gas, shut down when stopped. So, no Premium gasoline is wasted.

Traffic conditions also did not alter initial tests. So, is expected to do very precise calculations. This time with just a flick out one spark plug in the combustion chamber, Pulsar 135 Light Sport LS alias could cover the distance 9.7 km.

That means with one liter of Premium, which sports a pure cylinder 134.6 cc could run up to 48.5 km. From these results, can certainly count dong pal. That's right! If the two spark plugs are on, then 135LS can walk 7.5 km farther than just a spark that flame. Well, baseball is too much difference huh?

True, during testing with a single spark plug is felt once when the torque produced is not as good as the two spark plugs snap in the combustion chamber. The rate of motor slightly muffled from below. That said, the engine feels a bit lame. Kind of car that one of the four-cylinder spark plugs, dead.

These conditions eventually made Em-Grip Plus gas play deeper. Obviously with openings grip of excessive gas, so gasoline spraying from karbu so much more. But, it suits the demand of the combustion chamber lho. Yes, by grasping the desired motor speed like the first test.

Also, when only one spark plug just a crack, when the grip of gas released after touching a high rpm, the exhaust sound of the eruption aka shoot. So, that means incomplete combustion occurs dong.

A little apart from the spark plug, we're talking pentorsi. Yes, mengapai 135LS can run up to 56 km / liter. Therefore, piston motor with 54 mm and 58.8 mm step is equipped Exhaust TEC technology.

This technology works to increase the torque of the engine while in low rpm. So, the gas is wasted can be required to kick back compression. Exhaust TEC lies there in the middle between the mufflers with exhaust neck. The effect, felt once when 135LS have greater torque at lower speed. So although a little gassed, the motor is directly ngacir.

Brummmm ...

TALK AKSELERASI4637test-bajaj-135ls-boyo4.jpg

Looks like PT Bajaj Auto Indonesia (BAI) wanted to show me if this has accelerated Pulsar yahud 135LS. That was obvious when the motor launch sold USD 14.7 million.

He said, this motor has accelerated that is not inferior to motor sport 150 cc Pulsar 135LS although only a capacity of 134.6 cc. That's because the influence of four valve technology is applied.

Let's proven! To distance 000-100 meters, 135LS 7.83 sec acceleration could travel with the speed 70.3 km / hr. This figure, did not differ significantly with a capacity of 150 cc sports.

Similarly acceleration 0-201 meters. 135LS translucent 11.89 seconds with a speed of 91.2 km / hr. Note at this time a little adrift with 150 cc sports lho. Was to test the speed of 00-80 km / hour, managed to record the best time of 8.78 seconds with a distance of 125.9 meters. Oh yes, the top-speed a successful grasp is a variant of the Pulsar-4, which was launched this BAI hits 120 km / hr.