MODIFIKASI Yamaha Mio Soul 2007

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Mio Soul 2007
The modifications of Motorthis time purely for the needs of consumers who are only able to climb the three-wheel motor. Because of that factor would be the main focus function in progress.

"If there are variations or sweetening it only as a supplement only. Our main task to make the motor-drive comfortably on those who have problems with my feet," said Topo Goedhel Atmodjo from Motor on Jl. Jagakarsa Kingdom, No. 51, South Jakarta.

To make this tricycle skubek can go smoothly, rear-wheel drive systems in the overhaul. CVT system is retained but this time there must be additional.

"In the original axle position made the connection by using the plate to become the guidelines for placement of the rear gear," said the energetic man-2.

On the front is also using the gear. Only then both are connected by a chain.

Plates are made of this length 20 cm. "With a plate thickness of 10 mm, then I am sure this is strong as an extension to the rear wheels before," added the man who aspires to be this celebrity.

While the rear sprocket to gear used Yamaha RX-King. "Must wear the same size and let me pull so smooth there jedanya baseball. Because this is an additional motion after a tug of CVT so it should be smooth," a lengthy said kinds builders engineers.

with use of this system or design, actually to the left rear wheel tire only to moving. "Deliberately created just for one wheel, because if they both pull the motor to be heavy," added the father of a child again.

Construction is believed Topo during normal use, it will be safe. "Cornering also remain safe if not taken in an extreme style," he said about the design was purely his own idea.

Let this be seen better kind of house or made the cover so it looks more clean.

Especially with the use of double ass in the back. This makes the bike more stable. "Just use the original quasi Mio let more efficient," added the man home in Sragen, Central Java.

Oh yes, for a rim itself deliberately used the size of 12 inches. Smaller than the standard Mio. "That's so that the motor was slightly lower, if too high, especially when cornering dangerous to drive with disabilities," the story appeared men like this.

Because still want to look nice, so a number of sweeteners and equipment installed. For example for naked handlebar and a fresh color selection that would make it more attractive Mio ogled.


Rim: Variation, 12 inches
Tire front: 100/60-12 Tire Deli
Rear tire: 120/70-12 Tire Deli
Exhaust: Custom
Mirror: Variations
Kahanan Motor: 0813-8020-1456