MODIFIKASI Suzuki Spin 125 2009

MODIFIKASI Suzuki Spin 125 200
Application Blade Honda rocker arm has been tested successfully applied in motor racing Yamaha Jupiter-Z and Mio. This time, Joko, the mechanics of the Synergy Motor, Depok, try the Suzuki Spin 125 which relied on skubek racing series. The hope, in the trigger blade roller system makes the work more effective and low-back friction.

Of course not necessarily the way the application. Because, in the shape and design clearly very different. "The original is smaller. It should be changed as the total in his cradle. his boss's just different," explained mechanical ini.Joko courteous conduct on the lathe to the base of the original holder. Length is about 9 mm. Then, lacking the base of the cradle of pin jointed advantage piston.

Another effect of the application that changed the rocker arm design is the impact on the duration of the return. "With the original profile again Spin, of course duration baseball so I'll see you. Because tonjokannya not changed. Profile should be made more rounded back. no be too slim," said Joko again.

Through the process of filling using welding, Joko managed to make a design that can turn back the effective and meet the desired duration. "I do not quite hell gede-gede. Length in 265 º and 270 º duration ex," explained the mechanics who had a match-a match skubek Amendment of the first.

Create 125 Spin can fall swiftly definitely not just a rocker arm change doang dong. The capacity of a little jacked, that's after adjusting class. "Stroke is a 61.2 mm and 58.5 mm bore her. Have capital piston Suzuki Thunder 125. While still need to be researched his running again, at least, durability has been tested," he argued.
Affairs indeed been made groggy. With 58.5 mm bore, rather difficult to find a piston that fits. "I tried several brands, but bursting through and through. Well, have tried fitting Thunder 125, even durable and fit ya," added that Joko Joko really no other frills, like Joko Tingkir, Joko Bodo or other.

One thing that became obstacles for racing Spin is working on rear brakes. Still often nyelonong when dibejek. Joko tried to optimize brake a little stern. How, other than a chicken thigh with a lever instead have a slightly longer Mio, also has a Vario replace a brake. "Pretty good grip could be better, really," explained a little brown-skinned man mateng this.

Another obstacle, not as easy as working on Spin skubek Honda or Yamaha which has many parts racingnya. Eg to search for a roller. Lucky, can roller-brand that breast size is a 6 and 7 grams.

Tested proved to be just right. "It is looking for a runaway. Because this setting to make road race senggol market, then round the bottom and middle to be the focus first. Thereon's been able to," reasons the man who also join in with my racing Padepokan this Ponda Sena.


Tires: Indotire R 90/80x14
Carburetor: Keihin PE 26
Exhaust: DBS
Front disc: Kitaco
CDI: BRT Dual band