MODIFIKASI Yamaha Vixion '09

Zipp famous peleknya unique, this makes for Adhi Vixionnya interested to ask for her hand. "Tread Zipp unique oval until there is a U-shape model," exclaimed one grade students of SMK St Louis this.

Redeemed for a pair of Zipp 500 thousand U-Shape 160x17, combined with the profile of the IRC and development. Very aesthetically gorgeous, though not many other aseso patch.

My father has just bought from a dealer of Yamaha, Adhi people do not want to bother then Vixion fitting choice. Vixion engine injection technology has infiltrated so much easier even care free maintenance. Stay battery check fuel quality ama bag fitted with a student Adhi.

After installing a rim Zipp, Adhi all double-disc set. No half-hearted Ninja doi supplying discs on the front and aft. Due to the expense of the installation disc Ninja spido Vixion congenital, non speedometer. Amazingly all handled themselves modifnya aka dewek modifications.

Body problem is not many changes, still stick with black logo Vixion accordance with the vehicle registration. To strengthen nikung handling time, Adhi replace the handlebar clamp model of the robot from Yoshimura. Fey

DPN-rim blkng: Zipp 160x17
DPN-blkng Tires: IRC
Stang: Yoshimura
DPN-blkng discs: Ninja
Calipers: Vixion