MODIFIKASI Yamaha Jupiter '04

Just like the title above, MODIF for Tri Eko Eko Atmoko is familiarly called Banjarnegara born January 3, 1987 This has another purpose.

"The result of this MODIF ama have a close relationship work, create a display at the HP counter so early attraction first. It is important to generate the stimulus, "said Eko peg-look racing modification concept which was again more popular.

Racing-performance look is so evident in the stripping full body racing product labels, including Driftworks writing on the side body. "Previously, the shell handlebars, more precisely the headlamp faces made repeated.

Created with a more narrow design. So it is not as stiff as the original gift, is also a choice of eye-catching colors, "explained Eko who entrust matters to padepokan Nexx sticker Cutting Art Banjarnegara and adopted by Steel Gloss paint and clear Blinken.

Not only until here. The story continues. Nuance racing look also at other tools. Among them a custom swing arm, rim TDR U-Shape contour effect becomes more out of tires, front disc diameter wide and free-flow exhaust Hung label. Inputs or inputs to be more gahar Otre, then replaced the front pretentious variation, self made rear and alteration monosok minimalist at Bodykit. ogy

SWINGARM: Sprint, SOK BACKGROUND: YSS, FRONT TIRE: FDR Genzi 70/80-17, rear tire: 80/80-17, wheels: TDR U Shape, DISC FRONT: Racing Boy, handgrip: Moto GP, Seat: Custom, Exhaust: Hung.