MODIFIKASI Yamaha Jupiter MX 135

between the busy life as a salesman of building materials and paints in Kalimantan and Sulawesi, Kiki Julianto took Sutandya still pursue his hobby in the world with my MODIF Jupie MX.

Extended AYAGO
If true Jupie pure MX bersosok cub, Kiki actually want to appear different modifier with its flagship, the Stone Twins Fiber Planets. "This time the concept release Anyar ayago MODIF motor is delayed," added twins. So there are now figures Jupie Mx his gallant son of the more macho appearance together ayago berwheel base prolonged.

Part refers most averse so, the twin releases ayagoisasinya process by relying on the manufacture of fork-style tips tricks up side down. "We'll make it from the side of the base GL fork out our asnya lathe condoms iron pipe, then we are to link into the body with tripple clamp cengkaman hand made of iron as thick as 1 cm," said the twins.

MODIF quality jack, couples rim tread width to pursue purely contrived dewe Bobber view. Both were created from the merger of the car rim with a rim lip from lip rim motor, then the bar is also constrained dewe of 10 mm iron plate shaped tribal. "The entire installation process should be processed on a lathe to get centernya position," added twins.

ARM Extended
Realize the concept of extended stylenya, swing arm dipolah turn back. Dimensionally extended extreme, approximately 30 cm using hand made swing arm construction capital of the pipe series covered the box with the sweetener pairs fiberglass muffler on the right side-left.

"Twins also have to make the construction of the propulsion system of transfer gear let me not be affected wide 180 rear tire her profile" said Kiki who has a palace on Jl. Peneleh Surabaya.

Completing the perfection of universal manner, all designed to rebuild the body from fiberglass material. From light protective face mask Supra X 125, double cradle frame, the tail body until seaternya made of fiberglass.

Design concept gives a chance koposisi macho with a sharp-angle body gambot but increasingly attractive currency graphic finishing dilabur kala coalition of white versus green color gradations bergafis Tosca.

Fork: Up Side Down Custom GL, Stang: Robocop, Speedo: Sanex 250, Exhaust: Dual Custom, FOOT REST: Yoshimura, DPN DISC: PSM, KALIPER DPN: PSM, discs BLK: Satria, TIRE: Michelin-Swallow