Mio is not far from a touch of femininity despite the ideals of origin so long since wanted a motorcycle dressed MODIF matic. The virus initially Chikal crom.
In fact, mio which make transportation from home to campus and to place in make tongkrongan which looks from the front of the light visor nancep customzing following Honda Beat front fender rear fender mio soul and new vaga, until the stop lamp that apply honda CBR, and key contacts mio soul , my priority emphasis on body modification, I give the fins and paint effects ngjreng game "for its appearance.

Doi finishing rural affairs select blue paint and a combination of crom, doi deliberately choose the color with greenish blue color effect when exposed to sunlight or headlights, and clear-coated Spies Hacker As a counterweight, then the foot rim dri, pretentious front, rear and exhaust enough in polishing crom.

After the execution of modification I feel pretty puasss other hand ........ But I have a delusion that has not materialized until now believed to plunge diajang modification contest