MODIFIKASI Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC

DENTITY this bike is not there at all. If you glance into the rear swing arm, you'd think Honda NSR 150. Apparently, you guess wrong, the correct Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC 2005 by Justin from Insan Motor. Penggarapannya take a year. "All of them let me satisfied that this work can be of any baseball," commented Iyus, Justin familiar greeting.

Iyus claim perfection looks at the legs of which apply a pro-arm. Indeed, not haphazardly pairs. "If you stay put, the shape of the motor so strange really because the long wheelbase," the story.

The position of the rear wheels that are too backward certainly does not fit with the MX-covered display fairing. In addition, Iyus maintain the grounds wheelbase must remain comfortable handling even when the weight has increased due to fiber.

The solution, pro-arm using a Honda NSR 150 SP was defeated with a little cutting on the front along the 4 cm. "To keep his position more firmly aka patent, then made a double and then welded as dead," he said, showing the same position as the adjacent bottom monosok. Security reasons is the main thing that made him do techniques like this, stories that lisp modifier.

"Do not just waste moge pairs, the dimension must be considered," the light of this bespectacled man further. For the application of this body is upside down the most ideal Aprilia RS125. "The diameter of the tube about 54 mm motor size matches," said Iyus.

With a combination of legs like this, skipper of the original workshop of East Java was finally able to send the motor to Samarinda where the owner. "Relieved that the motor can be sent dah, definitely will make a scene there