Honda Motor Co. last week announced yesterday that in 2010 they will sell big motorcycle with two personalities. That is, the motor can be used for sports functions as well as touring. This new Moge is VFR1200F.

Two of these personalities can be obtained by grafting Honda dual clutch technology or dual clutch on this moge. Previously, the technology was only used on the newest cars. Because of that, Honda claims that VFR1200F is the world's first motorcycle that uses a double clutch.

Moge double clutch will be marketed Honda Motor Europe from 2010 to consumers in the continent, which is more sophisticated. VFR1200F appearance using the V4 engine is neat and "clean" compared to other Honda moge.

With the dual clutch, the operation manual transmission work can be done automatic. In addition, the time change of gear more quickly, both with manual transmission with a clutch or automatic. Because of that, Honda summarize become moge sports tourer, given the trend of double clutch on the car also expanded.