MODIFIKASI Yamaha Vixion '07

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Vixion '07
Create a show off fighter naked sport bike fitting takes top ingredients, such as Yamaha Vixion. By M. Sabhan Pontiac origin, this motorcycle also became a street fighter, with a style quite fierce. Capital, plus new clothes embroidered with a more flashy finishing.

"Vixion have a strong base frame, suitable constrained MODIF street fighter. Without a fairing, but also must be neat workmanship," he said.

Collaborate with Design Auto Repair innovation. Subhan adding many new parts in steel output in 2007 was the horse. The most obvious, add lips bodywork with a more dynamic designs. On the front side, nancep new lights are smaller, but it's quite slick.

Other bodies do not lose cool. Yamaha Deltabox typical order is sustained, perched a new tank, side cover and the large size of the engine cowl. Side and right side are not closed a full fairing, in order to stay Kalter show the block and Yamaha engines. Most fital, made nungging stern, with the concept of single-seater racing.

Parts of the legs, not many changes were made because the motor spec is quite qualified. Front of the tube is covered with a pretentious new fenders. Rim-rim painted gold to make it more elegant. Finally, the braking ciet supported large-diameter discs.

The last time, finishing the old pink faces made, without any graphics. About minimalist but still fierce. .: Punk / neo / bot

Modify spek

SOK DPN; Up-side-down variation, DPN discs: Disc brake PSM, MASTER / KALIPER: AHRS / Standard, SWING ARM; Standard dicustom, SOK BLK; Standard, BLK discs; Satria, MASTER / KALIPER: Satria, guise of DPN; Revo Custom , fairing / BODYPART: Custom, Exhaust: Racing Performance R9, FOOTPEG: Yoshimura, CAT / CLEAR: Aika, modifier: innovation Auto Design, MODIF COST: 10 millions,