MODIFIKASI Honda CS1 CS1 Motorcycle owners will be changed into a sport-fairing. This is a prime, "open Wiwin flagged Aditya Motors who hope a lot of contests in the region Residency Banyumas.

Of course, talk to the main agenda is to build a full Bodykit. So the overall orsi not used anymore. Anyway, this is the expected change in the frontal.

"Design custom bodywork guaranteed. So, not the based on the type of specific models, including the nuances of the double-seater, "said Tato, crews add the necessary confidence in Aditya Motor Anyar holder in several areas, as well as the framework behind circumcision and made repeated follow driving rather fiber formation.

Examined further, similar body YZF-R6 rear and front like CBR. But it's not exactly the same. Having considered spur fiber clothing, etc. regarding change agenda legs.

"It is absolutely legal. Must be balanced between the body and body buffer so as not to look freaky or funny, "added Wiwin, Mr berputra mere puppet, Aditya Pratama Putra.

Sok front plotted with the telescopic rod which is big, take Tiger belongs. Then tomorrow's stern monosok Satria snagged a higher and chewy. On the other hand, arm swing and the disc also apply to product variations seen more gahar.

Finishing the end, the combination of red and white spray paint to give the impression more and more sporty. The final result which fooled many also see perfomanya. ogy


SOK AHEAD: Tiger, SOK BACKGROUND: Satria, SWINGARM: Custom, FRONT TIRE: 110/70-17 Swallow, BACK TIRE: 120/70-17 Swallow, wheels: Variations (Megapro), Footstep: AHRS, exhaust: Zok, modifier : Aditya Motors, ADDRESS: Kiosk Griya Rajiman B4, Jl. Rajiman Cilacap or Ph. (0281) 5227104 or Mobile: 0815 4282 0007